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Summer in Australia is a wonderful time to get out with your dog, bond and get fit while enjoying the great outdoors.
Make playtime safe

A walk is a fun time for your dog to explore and to play and exercise and burn off a lot of pent up energy. So make sure you always have a safe ball, frisbee or other throw toy ready at your disposal. Most dogs will pick up a stick in their excitement and beg you to throw it. Resist temptation to do this. Many dogs safely catch sticks hundreds of times, however as veterinarians see
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too often, it can be a fatal choice for your dog. Having something safe on hand will make it easier to resist the temptation.
Hot surfaces can burn

Roads and pavements can heat up rapidly in days of high temperatures. Unless you are walking your dog barefoot, you most likely will not know whether the ground has the potential to burn your dog's paws. There is a very simple test: put the back of your hand on the pavement, and if you can't keep it there for five seconds, it's too hot for your dog's feet. Obviously the best time to walk is in the early morning or late afternoon, but if this is not possible, there are ways you and your pal can enjoy a walk without ending in painful burning and blistering. If your dog is happy in the car this is a safe way to get to and from your favourite shady park. Check out some other helpful tips here.
Beware of snakes

As the weather begins to heat up one creature that begins to become very active in our bush and wetlands are snakes. It would not be much fun for us or our dogs to avoid these areas in summer as they are so much more scenic and tranquil than the suburban streets but we do need to be aware and alert. We don't often see the snakes that are present as they tend to avoid confrontation. An inquisitive dog however can easily disturb and scare a snake into inflicting a potentially lethal bite. It is almost impossible to find a snake bite on a dog so it is important to know the signs and to seek help immediately.

Water is vital

Hydration is essential. We all know dogs pant to keep cool. As they exhale water is expired from their tongue, this respiration regulates their body temperature. A dog's nose must also be sufficiently moist to be able to pick up scents, making your walk more interesting and pleasurable. always be on the look out for the signs of dehydration and make sure to take water with you on a long walk or at least have a big supply of fresh cool water ready for your return. 

All the beautiful dogs pictured on this page are out on walks with their dog walkers from Pet Friends a Perth based pet care business which has been providing pet services including walking, holiday care and boarding since 1995. We look forward to loving your furry friends as much as you do.


When training your canine, you should constantly provide your pet dog a single command at a time. If you request your dogs greater than one command at the exact same time, your pup will certainly be puzzled about just what order it should comply with. This will irritate both of you. By requesting your pet dog just one command at a time, it will much better and recognize your commands which will result in a greater success rate.

A wonderful canine training tip is to obtain everybody on the exact same task. If you are aiming to remedy certain habits, you don't want a member of the family a
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llowing that bad behavior. By having everyone on the exact same task your dogs will be much more most likely to respond to training.

Physical punishment
Maintaining Healthy Kittens and Cats In United States

With [keyword], getting help to alleviate the discomfort, stop the itching and removing the pests requires high concern.

[keyword] can be a genuine annoyance. [keyword] cause all type of problems for valuable feline good friends. They bite and those bites hurt for cats and kittens.

In addition to being painful, they likewise cause the ears to be really scratchy. That scratchy sensation makes felines claw and scratch at their ears which can quickly become a bloody mess. Aside from the bloody mess, being contaminated with earmites can like
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wise result in major ear infection in cats and kitties in an extremely brief time.

Nasty little mites also will infect other animals in the vicinity rapidly.

While [keyword] can be quite a pain, it is quite simple kill [keyword] right in the house.

Here is the best ways to get rid of [keyword] in your home, without usage of harmful chemicals or pesticides
Learning about [keyword] indications and learning more will make life better for all concerned.

Think about handling [keyword] naturally.

Safe and reliable treatment for adhd in kids Quite potentially simply the assistance you require to avoid requiring prescription drugs for [keyword] United States
There are many ways improve the behavior of kids with ADHD and hyperactivity.
It is a very aggravating journey for parents.
Just remember to use positive rewards system and offer reactions, not punishment when needed and then provide in small amounts-don't overreact.

Keep in mind that the child is frequently not in control of their feelings or actions.
They shouldn't be penalized for that which they can not control.
Moms and dads need to recognize this fact.
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