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Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo Headphones/HeadsetFor Apple iPAD2 iPhoneSamsung

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A store walk through and look at the complete games section in Walmart in Neptune, NJ with a huge selection of board games, brain games or games or the ...


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DIY set from Japan for making pastry in fish, dango, strawberry mochi and sodaDIY set for making Taiyaki pastry in fish form, Odango, strawberry mochi and soda, flavour: chocolate or fish shaped cake, strawberry and mochi for mochis and lemonade for drink
by Kracie, Import from Japan, edible!, for this set you also need a microwave oven
Popin' Cookin' is a series of edible DIY candy in funny shapes, that you can easil
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y make yourself by adding water to the ingredients of the package or by shaping the material included
6x bags with powder , 1x plastic spoon, 1x plastic cup, 1x mold
width: 14.5cm (5.7"), height: 13cm (5.1"), depth: 4.5cm (1.7"), incl. Japanese instructions with pictures (see also instruction video below), very good quality

Statistical Analysis in Accounting and Finance by Dickinson, J. P.

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Wire Connectors for Automower Husqvarna Lawn Mowers Outdoor Garden - Pack of 20Features 1. Easy to use and save time to install. No stripping or twisting, just squeeze 2 . No special tools required, squeeze shut connector. 3. Our unique 'U' contact provides a dependable electrical connection. 4 . Provides a moisture-resistant seal and is flame retardant. 5. Colour coded connectors for easy identification 6
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. Rated up to 600 volts. Applications 1. Used for tap and parallel splicing. 2. Used to electrically connect two or three wire ends and insulate the connection. Used for pigtail 2- and 3- wire splicing. Description Terminal, Pigtail,Splice,Crime,White Connector Type: Pigtail Splice Series: Scotchlok Insulator Color:White Termination Method:Crimp Wire Size (AWG):22-14AWG Contact Material:Brass Contact Plating:Tin Insulator Material:Nylon【Material】ABS material; Wire size is 22-14AWG. Applicable wire diameter of 0.5-1.5mm². For all Husqvarna, Auto mower, Lawn mower models
【Cable Connectors】20 pieces cable connector; 314-BOX Terminals IDC Wire Connector; Termination Method:Crimp
【Cable Connectors Waterproof】Gel Filling to protect against moisture. Terminals IDC Connector Moisture Resistant Seal, Flame Retardant
【Cable Connectors Set】The terminal has 3 holes and can be connected with 2 or 3 wires. Easy to use and save time to install. No stripping or twisting, just squeeze.
【Cable Connectors Outdoor】Terminals can be used for outdoor, garden, mowing robots, fences, wire laying, etc.
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