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Height (Supplied): 3-5 inchesCeanothus can be evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees, with simple leaves and small blue, pink or white flowers in profuse axillary or terminal clusters. They are fast-growing but may be short-lived'Concha' is an evergreen shrub of dense habit, to 3m in height and width, with arching branches bearing narrow, dark green leaves and profuse clusters of deep blue flowers in late springThese plants are sold in a 9cm pot and are classed as mature young plants. They are very healthy and scottish grown so they can cope in any wetaher conditions. Some plants are trimmed but this only improves the root sytems and width of the plant.Grown in Scotland for a hardy impressive shrub
Propogate from semi-hardwood cuttings
Can get scale insects
May be affected by honey fungus and Phytophthora root disease