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✓ ARCHIVE Top 10 Basic Forex Technical Indicators

a)An economically competitive and high demand product catalog
Look closely at the products and or services you will be offering your customers. You should be looking for products that present you with 100% commissions, master resell rights and where possible private label rights. Private label rights products allow you to re-brand using your name and corporate brand. This is important for building a reputable online presence.You should also be looking for a product catalog that offers a range of products for example e-books, video tutorials, software.

b)A regularly updated catalog
Make sure that the six figure income opportunity regularly updates the product catalog available to you. The internet moves fast and today\'s hot products wont be hot forever.

c)Ongoing and regular live product and marketing training
A good online business opportunity will offer daily training conducted by respected and successful internet marketers from both within the business and the general internet marketing business community. The best training is conducted via live webinar. When evaluating this component of a professional six figure income opportunity it is a good idea to list the number of and type of training sessions available to you each week.

d)Access to archived training sessions
This is important for refining your marketing skills.Often the great business strategies you learned about in an online webinar need to be watched a few times to grasp the concept or strategy. Having access to archived business and marketing training allows you to work at your own pace - this is extremely important if you are following marketing tutorials as you can pause the video complete the step then resume the video.

e)Opportunity to personally brand your business, products and services
Personal branding is an important consideration when trying to build a reputable profile online. If the six figure income opportunities you are reviewing do not allow for you to conduct personal branding then probably the only person really making a six figure income is the creator of the opportunity.

f)The ability to leverage your business through building your own marketing team
To achieve success and genuinely make a six figure income you need to be able to leverage your time. Online opportunities that offer the ability to build residual income through growing your team are a necessity if you are looking to make serious money online.

g)Professional sales support to help me close my sales
Probably the biggest hurdle to online success is mastering the art of closing sales by telephone. It can seriously take ages before you become familiar enough and comfortable enough with your online business to be able to close a sale. Leave closing sales to the experts.Make sure your six figure income opportunity has a team of professional staff who are prepared to do your phone work and close your sales. This is important if you wish to achieve success fast.

h)Technical support
There is nothing more frustrating than joining an online income opportunity and not having the knowledge or skills to to get your business up and going. Always ensure the company provides 7 day a week technical support. Also make sure that the support provided is free.

Make sure you include the price of each opportunity, including the range of business opportunity packages the company offers. If the opportunities you are researching offer different plans I recommend printing off the different offers.


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