Craving Confidence - 6 Summer Recipes Of North India That Never Cease... It is not easy to bear the intolerable heat of the Indian summer. It tends to get worse each summer. According to experts, the temperatures are expected to soar in the coming days and respite is far. If you can stay at home, then do stay at home to prevent yourself from a heatstroke., your favourite summer recipes can keep you company. In North India, you would find plenty of delicacies that can help you beat the heat in style, in this article we pay our tribute to some of our all-time favourites. Brace yourself for a sweet wave of nostalgia. Here Are 6 Summer Recipes Of North India That Never Read More Cease To Impress: 1. Aam Ki Chutney This sweet and sour chutney, or relish made with raw mangoes and mustard seeds can spruce up just about any meal or snack. Just a smattering of this chutney with dal chawal or roti is all you need to make your lunch memorable. Don't be shy to experiment, we have even used it as a spread for our toasts. Here's the recipe. 2. Kheere Ka Raita Need something, quick, cooling and wholesome - Kheera Raita to your rescue. Grated cucumber is thrown in yogurt seasoned with salt and pepper. This traditional side dish is an indispensable part of every North Indian spread. In addition to being scrumptious, this raita is also incredible for the gut. Here's the recipe. 3. Nimbu Soda Nimbu soda has been our go-to drink for an instant boost of energy. This is basically your lemonade with a zingy upgrade. You cannot take a stroll down the markets in North India without... Click here to visit the source. Tue, 25 May 2021 07:00:37 UTC en