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The Outside Edge When Secretary Norris is arrested for treason and replaced by a minion of Cruz, the new Secretary General`s first act is to disband the team. Action Man and his team find themselves without authority or equipment and must act on their own in order to clear Norris name and stop Doctor X from obtaining a shipment of nuclear warheads. Skynap Doctor X kidnaps Secretary Norris, steals Jet X-Treme, and uses it to take over Station X-Treme. From there, he intends to escalate a minor conflict into a full-scale workd war - unless Action Man using VR equipment, can infiltrate the Station X-treme computers and foil X`s plan! Crack of Doom Responding to a supposed attack by X`s troops on a small South Pacific island, the team is astounded to discover that X`s skullmen are actually saving the island from an active volcano! In gratitude, the island populace makes Doctor X their leader. But then doctor X`s evil plan is revealed. The island is situated directly above the intersection of five major electronic faults - which X plant to utilise in creating a series of globe-threatening earthquakes!

Artist: Action Man
Manufacturer: Abbey