From times past, African stories have thrilled and excited people on the continent and around the world. This is not surprising due to the richness of the African tales originating from the continent. Many tales or stories from authors on the continent contain a rich blend of proverbs and good old advice from elders. Ancestors from the past left behind great stories which teach those of us in the modern age about things like respect and other positive values which are still needed in our day to day life. Many modern writers in Africa have continued this rich tradition of bringing forth great stories. One of such African stories, authors is Azuka Monyei.

He is a bright star in the literary horizon. He hails from the heart of Africa, Nigeria. It’s a literarily rich nation with some of Africa’s finest authors. He is a well-educated man who despite his education in the economics field and his involvement in business has seen the need for good old African tales. Two of his well-known works, “Emenike My Hero” and “The Great Pretender” are shining lights in the world of African literature. His interesting and intriguing style of writing delights the soul. His strong concern for the development of the community and society at large is clearly visible in his writings.

He captures the vibrancy in the African communities and writes about it in such a manner that anyone would be on the edge of their seat throughout each page of his books. His touching way of revealing the feelings of man is vividly exposed in his book, Emenike My Hero. This is a refreshing intro into African stories from the continent. Azuka Monyei is a good breath of fresh air for lovers of good African tales.

Belinda Rhema