Of course, everyone, young and old, big and small, should take the time to prepare themselves for the next big disaster or emergency that’s sure to come. It’s hard to predict exactly what might come your way, flood, hurricane, tornado, volcanic eruption, tsunami, or maybe an earthquake, but it’s coming. There is no place on the entire earth that is totally immune from all kinds of disasters and you never know when you might get hit with a double disaster, like Fukashima, an earthquake, which triggered a tsunami, which in turn caused the meltdown of a nuclear reactor. Plus, you never know when your preparedness will end up saving the life of someone you know and care for like a friend, relative, or neighbor. Part of being prepared is being able to listen to the local and nationwide emergency responders in order to know what’s happening, and where to get the help you need. For that, the best thing to do is have a survival radio designed just for that purpose.