Back Pain Relief - Is It Possible?

Back pain is one of the commonest complaints - in fact nearly 1 in 4 people suffer from this condition. Most people have resigned themselves to either live with the pain or take medication to relieve the symptoms.

When you suffer from back pain, you get THAT look sometimes, don't you? You know, the look that says you're a malingerer that you're putting on the agony, that you're just after sympathy. Sometimes, you can even get it from professionals.

Back pain conditions although common are not treated with the same "respect" as other illnesses because by their very nature they are not as visible as say a broken leg or arm. If you have a broken leg for example you are not only treated for the pain but corrective measurements are put in place e.g leg put in plaster for example.

Why doesn't typical back pain treatments work? They do not get time to know you as a patient so they cannot possibly get to the root cause of your condition. Most medical practitioners will view back pain as a result of personal habits e.g working practices.

Causes of back pain are varied and vast and without the correct diagnosis will never be solved.

Treating The Symptoms

Most solutions treat the symptom not the cause of the pain. Common practice is to give pain killing drugs of varying strength, injections or suggest alternative medicines and treatments. No wonder so many suffer from back pain! Perhaps you are considering some of these treatments. Chiropractor treatments (Ernt E. J R Soc Med. Physical Therapy (Van Tulder. Injections (Deyo R. J Am Board Fam Med. Acupuncture (Furlan AD, Spine. Prescription Medications (Martell BA Ann Intern Med. Traditional treatments are not getting the job done. WHAT HELP IS THERE?

1. Self Help - The problem with us as individuals is we focus on the pain, if we could just get relief. This is understandable, given the nature of back pain it impacts our lives in so many ways. Take time to log what has led to the pain - when did it start, does something happen to trigger the back pain, when it happens, why it happens, what is the nature of the pain, when is it worse, what helps, how long does the medication help for?

Log everything, no matter how small, little differences can sometimes have a big impact. Completing this log will help you discuss your condition with your medical practitioner and help them arrive at a correct diagnosis and treatment plan for you.

2. Treatments - Be open minded but not gullible