Which is the Best Cheap Auto Insurance Florida for 2019?


Are you looking for the best cheap auto insurance Florida this year? Insurance rates can fluctuate year over year. It depends on several factors that are involved.
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Staggering Cheap Auto Insurance Florida
We all know that there is a massive amount of drivers in the state

of Florida. Authorities estimate that there are more than 17 million

registered resident drivers. Of that number about a third of them are

Sixty years old and older.




Florida the Most Expensive State

Because of the massive number of drivers and other factors as well,

Florida has become one of the most expensive states when it comes

to car insurance. That is why it is essential to find the most

affordable car insurance provided by local insurers.









Most Affordable Car Insurance Companies in Florida
The following are the top five companies with the cheapest car

insurance for the year 2019:
1. United Services Automobile Association
2. State Farm
4. Nationwide
5. Progressive
USAA is at the top of the list with premiums averaging at $2,850.41.

Note that these rankings may still change. This top 5 list was selected

from the largest auto insurance companies in the USA. Of course,

these companies serve all 50 states.















Age of Driver
The age of the driver to be insured is a huge factor

No matter which state you are in. In the state of Florida,

the age group that has the lowest average insurance rates

is the 60-year-old and above demographic.




Just like in any other state, younger drivers tend to pay more

for their insurance than any other age group. Note that male

drivers tend to pay more than women drivers.







For instance, a young man 17 years old and above will pay

premiums were amounting to more than $6,550 a year with USAA.

On the other hand, a female driver of the same age will pay

annual premiums of around $5,600 only.







Affordable Insurance Rates and Lower Premiums

Note that GEICO offers slightly lower premiums than USAA

for this age group with $6,700 for males and $5,300 (approximate figures).

Both companies significantly more affordable insurance rates in the state

of Florida since other insurers may charge as much as $17,000 a year.








Cheap Auto Insurance Price Drop

Remember that insurance premiums tend to take a considerable price drop

when you turn 25 years old. Insurance premiums get reduced to

$2,000 to $4,000 per annum when you get to that age though.








Length of Commute
The length of your commute won’t be an essential factor when

for instance, it comes to reducing auto insurance cost in Florida.

All insurance companies provide nearly the same discounts.





Cheap Auto Insurance Florida Credit Scores
Having good credit can also reduce costs for premiums in Florida.

Note that having bad credit can almost double your premiums.
USAA provides cheap auto insurance Florida in 2019 for people with

good credit at $1,645.31. GEICO comes in second with $2,505.51.





USAA also has the cheapest offers in the state of Florida. However

for people who are in the military. These are the factors

that you should consider when looking for

cheap auto insurance, Florida, in 2019.