Hello! I had a pb & jam-packed weekend of running, eating, hiking and watching wiener dogs run all  around Southern California!

Here are some of the best parts of the weekend in list form:

I ran 4 miles on Saturday and 16 miles on Sunday. I was about to do a long run Saturday morning but had to switch days since plans with a friend changed. I rolled with it and cut the Sat. run short in favor of a 8 mile hike (round-trip).

Speaking of long runs…

I did a poll on Instagram asking if your long run is Sat or Sun:

Then – I hiked a mountain! What?!

I usually stick with a runner’s high… but I climbed a mountain!!

Yesterday I hiked Mount Baden-Powell – a 8.7 mile round trip / strenuous hike (according to the description).

I haven’t hiked in such a long time I wasn’t really wearing the right gear. And I forgot how much longer it takes to hike 8 miles versus run so I didn’t bring snacks. Fail.

But at least I’ll know for next time! And I did it and it was gorgeous!!

I did get some frutas from a guy selling it outside the gas station we stopped at on the drive to the trail head. So good!

Mount Baden-Powell Hike Recap

1. Hiking Mount Baden-Powell – you can get more information here on All Trails – Mount Baden Powell 

I have no idea what it means to hike 8 miles vs run 8 miles and am not probably geared up, fueled up or mental healthed up (that’s a phrase now.)

2. It was all uphill going out but there was a lot of shade at least – which helped make it feel cooler.

3. This was close to halfway!

4. The street is way down there.


5. Just when you think you’re almost there you turn the corner and the last steep part takes you to the summit.

6. 1,500 year old tree! This tree has a special sign noting it’s estimated to be over 1500 years old. Imagine what the world was like then?! Did a dinosaur plant it?!!

This tree is one brazillian years old!!! That’s about 1,500 years in human time.

7. Made it to the top!!

8. 360 degree view (video on my Instagram stories)

9. A lil dirty check in from the top…

10. Um, I need to figure out how to clean my new shoes!?  <- I just got these New Balance running shoes and they got completely trashed. They’re super cute and comfy and I’m trying to figure out how to wash them. Busted! I barely got them!!

Post-hike I was worried about my blood sugar and hydration since it was so hot and I had to run 16 miles the next day. And I just needed to eat so I kinda was umm… hangry? a complete terror? the seaward??

One of those…

So we got Chipotle! That plus 2 glasses of wine and I felt a lot better about everything.


I went to the Wiener Nationals Races at The Los Alamitos Race Course. Yes – this is a thing.

Los Alamitos is usually a horse race course but once a year they hold the Weinerschnitzel Weiner Nationals Races.

The event is a fundraiser for the Seal Beach Animal Care Center (a non-profit helping stray animals in Orange County). There are about 100 dachshunds that race 50 yards ( 10 dogs per race). Then, there’s a championship race.

It’s super cute and fun! Some of the dogs ran fast! Some of the dogs ran fast – in the wrong direction!! Some didn’t run and just wandered around the race track. Ha!!

It was super cute and fun and made me want a dog even more (I already talk about it constantly).

Instead of a dog I got Yogurtland – which was a decent consolation prize.

Question: When was the last time you went on a hike?