If your house is filled with clutter, it can be quite overwhelming to deal with a lot of stuff. Instead of taking it on at once, why don’t you begin with just five minutes? It is important to take baby steps. Even though it may seem that five minutes will not barely make a dent in your mountain of mess, but it’s going to be a good start. Take five minutes to declutter now, and another one tomorrow, and the following days.

Before you know it, you will have a cleared garage or closet and then you’ll eventually see that half of your house has been cleaned. Here are some basic and easy organizing tips you need to know.

Simple Tips To Declutter
Have a spot for papers – papers account for most of your clutter. It’s because you often put them in different spots like on your desk, table, counter, drawer, and even in your car. Find an in-box tray or specific place in your house where you should put all of your papers.


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