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The DB2 offers the latest features in tracking technology at a competitive price. It's simple enough to install in your car yourself, couple this with its compact design and GNSS + GPS module and you get a tracker that maximizes price and function. Even with its compact design, the DB2 is still packed full of features such as geo-fence zones, ignition detection, movement detection, battery voltage reading, and position updates a low as every ten seconds. The DB2 also features our new Dynamic Energy Saving technology, which keeps the current draw to the absolute minimum with improved algorithms that provide a more accurate power saving calculation. We have teamed up with Teltonika - the market leader in telematics in Europe to combine the latest technology in vehicle tracking and telematics into a single compact unit.Ready to use out of the box
2 Wire Self Install
Powerful tracking platform
Pay as you go service - £5 per month
Geo-fence zones, ignition detection, movement detection, battery voltage reading