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Learn to do Your Own Landscaping like a Pro! Written by professional landscapers and veterans of the industry, DIY Projects: Landscaping: How to Design your Own Landscape, is an amazing book which goes into every detail of different aspects which are important to both design and maintain your landscaping. DIY Projects: Landscaping: How to Design your Own Landscape, goes into full detail about, first, the basics of landscape design, what kind of software is available for it, how to configure your computer for a good landscape design software, and more. When doing your landscape design, you will also learn how to identify what climate region, according to the USDA climate region map. This is important when it comes to designing your yard and all the professionals use the USDA map to understand what plants can grow in your area. You will also learn the difference between annuals and perennials and what plants are perennials where. You will also learn some advanced gardening tips, such as propagating annuals over the winter. You will learn what ground cover is, how and where to plant ground cover, and what the purpose is for ground cover. You will also learn about proper edging and how to keep your ground cover from overtaking your lawn. Have you ever been frustrated with having that emerald green lawn that your neighbor has? Learn how to get that emerald green lawn. Learn the proper way to seed and fertilize your lawn and not to burn your lawn with fertilizer. Have you ever had the dream of a backyard where you can entertain your friends and relatives in the summer? Well, learn the tricks of professional masons on how to properly mortar stone and brick. Learn how to build a grill or fire pit, minibar and many other the other things you will need for an outside extension of your home in the summertime. Learn how to wire outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures. Learn how to pave your own patios and walks, mix concrete and mortar, and pond building. Learn how to make you