Do I need a life coach is a question that everyone who is interested in any coaching should ask themselves. In addition, you need to understand the pros and cons of life coaching. Since everyone would have different reasons for using a life coach there are still some core principles that would affect everyone’s decision to use a life coach .

It is really important to understand what is a real professional coach? It is important to know the difference between real professional coaches versus life coaches. A real professional coach is typically in the sports world. They have demonstrated proven results to highlight their careers. Real coaches only focus on bottom-line results. They must win or lose their jobs. They are also responsible for the real progressions of their players. So, it is all about real actions and real results. In contrast, life coaches rarely have any proven results or experience. They are solely based on theoretical concepts as opposed to actions. Results are based on the hope of moving ahead, wishful transformations, and rehashed coaching programs.

Obviously not everyone can have a real professional coach like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, or Tiger Woods. You may not want to be a world champion or the best of the best but what if you could achieve 10% of the results that a real professional coach could deliver as opposed to 100% of what a life coach may be able to produce? Most would be further ahead with a real professional coach.

At this point, a real professional coach may be out of most people’s reach. So do I need a life coach? If we are talking in terms of “most,” “the average person,” or the person with typical aspirations then the answer would most likely be no. It would save most people a lot of time and money to get a self-help book, watch videos, listen to podcasts, or take an online course. Most life coaches base their coaching practices from the same resources you can access for yourself. Why pay extra for a middle person? Having a piece of paper that says you completed a seminar does not mean you can actually help others. Unfortunately, there are so many self-proclaimed life coaches that think they can help others without achieving anything tangible for themselves other than a certificate of completion for an online course that anyone can take.

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