If you ask any Internet Marketer, he will tell you "The Money Is In The List". Well, it is not completely true.

The Money comes from how you convert the list.

However, in order to convert your list there are some obstacles on the way:

1- How to get your Emails to land in the inbox of your customers? If they don't see your Email they can't convert

2- And how to write compelling Emails, that motivates your customers to read through and then take the action you want?

3- How to keep your customers on your list and not give them a reason to unsubscribe by providing value content and offers?

Essential Emails provides an answer to these challenges.

Essential Emails shows you how to do Email Marketing the right way, so you can find the Inbox, improve your open rates and conversion rates and dramatically reduce unsubscribes.

With my Bonuses the excellent product Essential Emails will be taken to the next level and ensure your success in Email marketing. The upgrades (OTOs) comes also with a whole army of Email swipes you can adapt and use - including a complete set for a whole year and more in depth insights and hacks.


1- A Complete Software Suite for Email And Funnel Building
2- 2500 Email Swipes from a Super Affiliate
3- How To find The Cool Ideas Before They Become Big
4- A complete System to Double your Affiliate Business
5- Vendor Bonuses

Product Benefits:
✅ TRANSFORM your Email results
✅ ALWAYS reach the Inbox!
✅ TREBLE your open rates
✅ REDUCE unsubscribes to tiny levels
✅ ENGAGE and inform your lists
✅ Full video training provided
✅ Includes list building training...