Quality Home Watch & Care Services offers peace of mind while caring for your Naples Florida home during short- and long-term absences. Things can, will and do happen. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN – some examples:

We have frequent storms during our summer months, for example, if your circuit breaker is tripped and your air conditioner or refrigerator is off, conditions are ripe for problems.
Your friends who offered to keep an eye on your home go on vacation or has a family emergency and are called out of town.
Your can have leaks either from rain or your upstairs neighbor has a flood due to their negligence.
Rodents/insects have found a way into your home.

Call Steve - 239-250-1776 for more information.

Our Concierge or extra services include, but not limited to:

Installation and/or removal of storm shutters
Cars driven to & for maintenance purposes
Airport pick up or drop off
Grocery shop prior to your return
Forward your mail
Meet contractors or home delivery personal