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Build your best track yet with this epic Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi Loop Box. This cool set is filled with impressive Hot Wheels track pieces, including 10-feet of track, connectors, a launcher, one Hot Wheels vehicle and a stunt box. With Hot Wheels it's all about open-ended stunting and crazy loop action - let your imagination run wild and create awesome racing scenes. The bin container and lid are part of the track, so you can take it wherever you go and use every piece for action-packed racing fun. Fun for racers aged 6 and over.Age: 6+
Connect Hot Wheels sets to create Hot Wheels city. Fuel hours of storytelling & imaginative play with a world full of connectible and themed playsets
Ultimate storage and stunting solution with 10 feet of track-it's portable, too!
Countless variations for re-configurability drive problem solving and challenges kids to experiment.
The crazy loop action is amped up by connecting track to the lid in 8 places. The bottom of the bin has 2 scoring buckets built in plus a place to connect track, additional sets or components, taking the action to a whole new level.  
Included in the bin are 10 feet of track, connectors, launcher, and a Hot Wheels vehicle.
Build and expand the Hot Wheels Track Builder world of stunts by combining sets and track.