Reports about data breaches have become quite common these days and the costs of these breaches have skyrocketed. Scams are always evolving and hackers are becoming increasingly savvy in utilizing strategies to extract information and cash from their unsuspecting victims.

A single data breach could cause a lot of damage for SMBs and may force them to stop operations entirely. Reports revealed that about 60% of SMBs that faced cyberattacks were unable to recover and had to shut down within just 6 months after the breach.

It can be a challenge to protect your business from cyberattacks. However, adopting a layered security approach can help you alleviate a lot of risks. Perhaps you have heard IT experts talk about layered security or what they call as multi-layered security approach. But do you have any idea what they mean? By using a layered security strategy can provide a better protection to your IT resources and boost your security.