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High Carb Fat Loss is an eating program introduced by Rusty Moore and Mark Kislich.

Meet Mark Kislich
Mark is an Olympic Strength & Conditioning coach in Iceland who stays at around 6% body fat eating a carb based diet.

He is in his mid-40\'s and he\'s been eating a carb-based diet for 5 years.

Fats are kept at around 8% of his daily calories.

Though Mark is in his mid 40\'s, he got lean just 3-4 months after increasing his carbs and keeping fats to 8-10%. If you are over 35, you know how hard it can be to lose weight!

His diet is mainly starch based carbs and vegetables. Carbs like rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.

His strength, muscle mass, and testosterone levels are all at high levels, eating a diet that many believe SHOULDN\'T work.

Rusty Moore
Rusty Moore is a former trainer to runway models.

His \"Visual Impact\" brand is aimed at people who want to have maximum muscle definition while still being able to fit into stylish clothing.

He took Mark\'s fat loss diet blueprint and turned it into an online course.

The course is called, High Carb Fat Loss and it outlines how to get lean quickly eating a diet based on carbs like rice, oatmeal, potatoes, bread, etc.

High Carbs - Carbs Become Body Fat?
It\'s close to impossible for your body to convert and store carbs as body fat to any significant degree.

The fat you see on your body is from the fat you eat.

They CAN cause the fat you eat to get stored as body fat.

The term for converting carbs to fat is called De Novo Lipogenesis.

Your body doesn\'t even like to do this.

Your body prefers to ramp up the metabolism when you ramp up carb intake to burn off the carb calories.

The result is, carbs RARELY get stored as body fat.

Low Fat versus High Fat
Drastically reducing the fat you eat and replacing those calories with carbs is a simple way to get lean.

Most low-fat diets of the past consider 35% fat as \"low fat.\"

However, the magic happens when you reduce fats to 8-10%.

Carbs Boost Your Metabolism
Most weight loss approaches involve fat loss at the cost of your metabolic rate.

Put simply, they slow your metabolism to a crawl.

Carbs are what fuel your metabolism.

By keeping fat to a minimum, it is unlikely you are going to store any body fat since the body struggles to convert carbs to fat.

Since high carbs power your metabolism you won\'t experience yo-yo dieting.

The High Carb Fat Loss plan is not only a vegan diet (or what I prefer to call a \"plant strong\" diet).

Mark is vegan and Rusty is not.

Rusty wants this plan to work for everyone. Therefore, the course includes the diet plan he and fellow non-vegans are using with massive success.

I highly recommend you pick up their course if fat loss and optimal health is your goal.


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