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You may have heard many times that MONEY IS IN THE LIST and yes it is absolutely right. Regardless to any niche or industry, you need to build a list to make money. And the list you build carries the value which you can use to generate passive income for years to come.
Marketers are building their email list by using free method like SEO or Social but these methods take too much time, and time equals to money in any business.
Step aside slow ways of building list and let us introduce to you building a list in any niche the faster and simple way using co registration.

Compared to a few other methods like ad swaps and solo ads, co registration is the better option because it is easier to setup and you are only paying for confirmed subscribers. With solo ads and ad swaps you are not in control on how many subscribers you’ll gain.
With that being said, co registration will gain you subscribers quicker, simple to setup and will significantly lesser than other list building methods.