What You Need to Know About Different Meditation Methods Used Around the World Have you heard of the many benefits of meditating regularly? Meditation methods can give us many physical and psychological benefits. They can clear our thinking and reduce stress. Breathe For Stress Management The importance of breath: Breathing exercises have been proven to help manage and in some cases cure stress related symptoms, chronic illness and disease, and even certain mental health issues. Tap into the incredible power of your breath with these simple breathing techniques. Meditation Musings – 4 Steps to a More Solid Practice Meditation is a powerful tool which has been shown to reduce stress-related symptoms and improve the over-all quality of life. When practiced regularly, the effects may be life changing. For those with a regular practice already, this article offers four notions which may support the solidification of your meditation practice: commitment to practice, allowing for the natural process to unfold over time, noticing what is beyond the mind with the help of an experienced guide, and practicing gentleness. These four together support a more solid personal practice as well as possibly a greater experience of joy in one’s life. Chakra Meditation – 7 Chakra Meditation Techniques to Instantly Relieve Your Ailments Our body has seven different vital energy centers or meridians. When one of the meridians is out of balance, it results in anxiety and out-of-balance feeling. Sometimes, it also causes ailments like pain and emotional suffering. What is Meditation and How is it Practiced? How can we relax today in the fast paced world in which we live? We all seem to be busy with so many things going on in our daily lives. You Want Me to Do What? When was the last time you actually sat down and took time for yourself or replenished that energy you thought you had… maybe once upon a time? We have hectic lives; some more than others. Brain Wave Frequencies – Brainwave Frequencies Associated With Human States of Mind Brain wave frequencies coincide the human state of mind. According to classic neurophysiology, there are four main brainwave frequencies are beta, alpha, theta, and delta. There are other brainwave frequencies like gamma brain waves, hyper-gamma, lambda and epsilon waves, but the four main frequencies that relate to meditation and classic neurophysi