Condition: The item is in good condition (see pics or ask for more pics). A few spots with wear marks (please see pic and or ask for more pics). Only selling what is seen in pics. Any questions please just email. Item will have to be paid within 2 days, unless otherwise contacted by buyer that more time is needed or no payment will be exempted and item will be re listed. By buying this item you agree that you are only buying no more or no less then what is picture in photos. If you purchase an item it is implied that you have read and inspected pics on and the items description and are willing to pay all fees including shipping chargers and charges as described on item. I reserve the right to cancel the order at any time. All item are used and come with described defect and or described otherwise. Items may have defects not found by me. Please ask relevant question that will help answer possible problems. If you feel it necessary to leave a negative feedback please contact me. I will always take more pictures, is impossible to take every angle or wear mark on items. All returns will be opened in a local post office as a witness to it being received and its content witness by a postal employee. Please ask question and ask for more pictures to avoid return restocking fee 10% payed by and charged to the buyer, if item returned do to not asking for specific about an item or item, i.e. wear mark not shown, or specific not mentioned in sellers notes. Local pick ups must pick at designated location in town. Thanks again for your purchase.