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The Lavolta Laptop Table helps reduce the operating temperature of your laptop and allows for steady airflow around it. It uses active cooling methods to distribute air quietly and evenly under the base of your laptop or netbook. Powered by your laptop's USB port, two silent fans use so little energy that it won't even have any impact on the battery life. It is the legs that make the table so unique: with its adjustable auto-locking joints that rotate around 360 degrees it can hold things in a variety of configurations. The mouse board that comes with the table is easy to install and remove so you can quickly attach it if you are tired of that touchpad. Wherever it is used - be it a desk, sofa or your lap - the Lavolta table provides a most comfortable typing angle and reduces neck and shoulder stress thanks to its unique design and shape. And it is a perfect breakfast tray also!Robust yet silent two hydro bearing fans powered by USB port
Compact, foldable and easy to carry
Board dimensions: 420x270mm. Hmax = 48cm. Suitable for 7-15 inch laptops
Adjustable auto-locking joints with 360 degree rotation
Removable mouse board 16x15cm