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Olivia is working hard on her computer in her bedroom. Help her robot Zobito use his special elevator and track to fetch tools and bring them down to her.Use the tablet to call friends and wish them goodnight before she settles down in her awesome rocket bed. In the morning, Zobito can make coffee at the breakfast station and wake Olivia up with breakfast in bed, ready for another day of scientific discovery!Includes an Olivia mini-doll figure, plus a buildable Zobito robot figure
Features a rocket-shaped bed, functioning elevator and track system, a desk with computer, 2 drawers and a swivel chair, plus a separate breakfast area with functioning coffee machine
Accessory elements include a tablet, coffee cup and a milk bottle
Help Olivia get to work on her latest invention with her trusty assistant, Zobito
Use the functioning elevator and track system in this fun toy to help Zobito reach the top of the room, where he powers down at night