If you love trains, then you know that riding one can be quite an experience. Using trains for traveling can be a rewarding experience. With the numerous sites to see, you will see that this kind of transportation is worth every penny.

The fact that trains are a lot cheaper than planes and can be as relaxing, you may want to try riding luxury trains. If you plan on visiting India, you may want to try some of the luxury trains available here. You will see that you will definitely enjoy riding in one of their luxury trains and you will also be able to see the country in a different way.

So, here are some of the famous luxury trains available in India that you should definitely try.

The first is called the Palace on Wheels. With its cream saloons, flowers, forbidding fortress, and fairytale palaces, you will see that this train is definitely a train fit for a king. You will feel as if you are royalty if you travel with Palace on Wheels. And, what\'s more, you will see that the Palace on Wheels is fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort.

Another luxury train that you should try is called the Heritage on Wheels. Based on India, this particular luxury train is considered to have one of the largest concentrations of high-quality frescoes. In this train, you will experience going to unexplored regions in India, particularly in Bikaner and Shekhawati. The train has all the things you need. It has a restaurant where you can enjoy great international cuisines, and you can also spend your day shopping in the onboard shopping facilities.

Another train is called the Royal Orient. Considered as one of the most exotic trains in the world, you will be able to explore two of the culturally richest states of India, which are the Gujarat and the Rajasthan. In this journey, you will experience as if you are going back through time. It will take you back to the times of Rajas and Maharajas as well as give you all the modern conveniences that you want as such that you would expect in a five-star hotel. On this train, you will enjoy international cuisines, clean and fully furnished cabins, hot and cold water, and spacious bathrooms. It also has bars and libraries on board.

The Fairy Queen is another train that you must ride when you visit India. Renowned for being equipped with the oldest working engine in the world, you will travel from Delhi to Alwar. The train will also stop at major destinations for you to shop. On this train, you will feel as if you are a Maharajah going on a royal journey. Here, you will not only enjoy the great view but also enjoy maximum comfort while traveling. They offer catering, lodging, boarding, transfer facilities, and even visits to some of the historic sites on the way to your destination.

These are some of the great luxury trains that you should try if you visit India. In trains like these, you can be sure that it will change the way you look at rail travel. With the comfort and convenience, it offers as well as the spectacular view of the country, you will definitely appreciate traveling by train.