The mark of the beast (666) has been a subject of concern for centuries. Will it be a microchip implant in the wrist, a government-issued universal ID card, or hidden nanochips in a Bill Gates vaccine? Right now you can watch movies about the mark of the beast. The #Bible says, “The Mark of the Beast” is an economic marking system that will be implemented in the last days of Bishop Brent Endris- Mark of the Beast Explained that is required by all human beings if they want to buy or sell. Bishop Brent Endris has spent over 40 years of meticulous research uncovering hidden truths about the mark of the beast bible prophecy.

This Covid-19 system is being implemented right now in our economics of present-day society. To complement his video series, ( ) he has authored a guide book called “Times of Prophecy” get your copy of the detailed guidebook==> to walk each individual through hidden trails of scripture about the mark of the beast prophecies that will soon come to pass in our lifetime.