Marketing Research, European Edition Craving Confidence

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This first European edition of "Marketing Research", by Eric Shui, Joseph Hair, Robert Bush and David Ortinau provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the practice and importance of marketing research in the business world. Written to meet the needs of students, the authors have brought together rigorous theory with applications to nurture the students' ability to apply research principles to real marketing scenarios. The text takes students step by step through the research process to help them structure their own successful research project. Beginning by outlining the principles of qualitative and quantitative research methods, the text guides students through the process of ensuring their questionnaire design obtains accurate data, and finally concludes with a full section on preparing, analyzing and presenting their data. Key features of this edition include: balanced coverage of qualitative and quantitative research methods, giving clear instructions on managing interviews and focus groups and also how to conduct surveys; experimental and test marketing European and global examples and cases, including Adidas, Guinness, Nokia and Second Life; and, a wealth of pedagogical features including review and discussion questions. These features are designed to aid learning and make the subject more accessible for students. The book contains a unique continuing case about a bustling city restaurant called Jimmy Spice's. The case explores how the owner researches his customer base and how he interprets and analyses the results of his surveys and interviews, helping students to understand how they can plan their own research project. This book contains illustrations of how new technology is being used and how it will help to shape marketing research in the future. It offers additional sample databases for use in class assignments. Fully integrated throughout, these datasets support the research projects and cases discussed in the text. Each database works wi