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Want to make a living simply by writing about your life? Here’s how one woman does it...

On a sunny day in April, journalist-turned-PR Amber McNaught walked out of her well-paid office job, and started a blog.

Ten years, multiple blogs, 42 million pageviews, one kidney transplant (her husband’s), and a whole lot of mistakes later, that blog is now a full-time business, which means that Amber, who started documenting her life in a green velvet diary when she was 11 years old, now gets paid to continue documenting her life – but on the internet.

(Yes, she still has to pinch herself every morning to make sure she’s not dreaming.)

So, how did she do it? How did she make writing a diary into a full-time job?

You’re about to find out. In ‘My Blogging Secrets’, Amber shares everything she’s learned about blogging, from how to come up with an idea for your blog, to how to persuade people to read it, and – most importantly – how to actually make money from writing about your life.


1. The Only Blogging Secret You’ll Ever Need

2. The Main Reason My Blog Became Successful
-         How I quit my job to start a blog.

3. How I Created a Blog That Became A Business
-        Things I didn’t do before starting a blog, but which you probably should.
-        The secret to making money from blogging.
-        How I came up with a blog topic I’m still writing about 10 years later.
-        The secrets of successful blog design.

4. How I Manage to Create Fresh Content Almost Every Day.
-        How to make people care about your cat.
-        Where I get ideas for blog posts.
-        The two types of content all successful bloggers write.
-        How to write posts that do well in search engines.
-        How to write posts that get lots of comments.
-        Why I write long posts, even although people tell me not to.
-        How I plan my content.

5. How I Create Images for My Blog
-        The importance of images.
-        My blog photography secrets.

6. How I Get People to Read My Blog
-        How I use social media to promote my blog
-        How I got half a million followers on Pinterest
-        How I used Pinterest to rapidly grow my readership.

7. How I Make Money from My Blog.

8. How I Grew My Blog to Over 180,000 Pageviews Per Month.