Introduction to Qigong Breathing – Part One The Chinese character for qi is the same as the character used for breath. When we breathe air we are breathing qi. In English when we breathe in, we inspire or “take in the spirit.” Many ancient health practices focus on breathing. It is how we sustain life from minute to minute. It continues without significant cessation from the moment we are born until we draw our last breath. In most qigong practices breathing is done consciously and in a specific manner. How to Witness Thoughts in Zen Meditation Zen meditation is the path of awareness. You are about to learn how to attain witness consciousness, how to be free from desire and how to tell the difference between witnessing a thought versus getting identified with it. In Zen meditation, you learn to witness thoughts by learning to stop identifying with them. Meditation As a Performance Enhancement Tool Many people still don’t realize that meditation is simply a high end tool used to achieve high end objectives. The fact that most of the worlds religions take advantage of this tool should be a testament to it’s power. But for the most part, this tool’s association with religion has resulted in one of the world great misconceptions, which is that meditation is somehow the exclusive domain of religion. This misconception has in turn resulted in the loss of access to one of the most powerful tools in the world. Why Use Binaural Beats to Meditate and Reduce Stress? There are many forms of meditation that range from yoga to listening to music. Specifically, many people use binaural beats to speed up their meditation process. Using binaural beats help brain wave entrainment by helping you get to your alpha mind state sooner. Binaural Meditation – Experience Greatly Enhanced Meditation With Binaural Beats The scientific definition for binaural beats is; “auditory brain stem responses that occur in each hemisphere of the brain as the result of two different sound impulses (one to each ear.)” In more simple laymen’s terms it is when each of our ears hears a distinct frequency sound at the same time our brain will then change the two into a different frequency. How Meditation Can Enhance Your Artistic Creativity If you are active in any kind of artistic endeavor, whether in writing, music or the visual arts, meditation can be a huge help for you. This article explains the role of meditation in the creative proc