Nike Slides Sandals Men's adjustable velcro strap Good for shower or beach or casual wearIts cushioned platform combines plush foam underfoot with a durable, lightweight outsole foam for long-lasting wear. FlexibleLightweight foam footbed provides a plush feelSoft synthetic strap moves naturally with your footLength on bottom of soles is approx. 10 5/8" and widest bottom sole width is approx. 4.5"Take note of size and measurements as there are no returns for
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items that do not fitSee allphotos as thet are part of descriptionWhite with blue and a silver swooshPreowned-lots of wear left


https://wsisports.com/collections/sports-categories -- (651) 994-9945 This video shows WSI Sports warm base layer clothing and gear being demonstrated by ...

Cole Haan Nike Air Boys Size 2 Paul Strap Tan Shoes Boots Leather Upper. Condition is Pre-owned. Good pre-owned condition. Some small scuffing on toes.

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Adolfo Black Patent Leather Dress Formal Tuxedo Men Shoes Sz-11M ItalyMint condition upper and minor wear on bottom solesMax length and max width taken from the outside bottom of the soles is 12.25 X 4. 3/16

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Engage and teach your team wherever and whenever—from one of the world's leading e-learning authorities.
The digital electronics revolution keeps us connected with almost anyone around the world and makes information available anywhere, at anytime. In the workplace, the impact has been great, propelling mobile learning to the forefront of training and education. Dr. Gary Woodill, a senior analyst at a leadin
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g e-learning research firm shows you how mobile learning is evolving, and how organizations can use it more efficiently and effectively--with companies reaping the rewards of increased communication, teamwork, productivity and profitability.
Learn how to break free from the old notions of training and development with the concrete strategies in The Mobile Learning Edge and
Become skilled in the seven principles of successfully training employees on the move Implement new learning programs that employees can access anywhere Develop a future mobile learning strategy in an ever-changing environment Discover what might be the right kind of mobile technologies for your company With The Mobile Learning Edge you'll go beyond applications and content and be able to create engaging and productive mobile learning for your team.
According to a recent study, there's one mobile device for every two people in the world, and the technology making these devices smarter and more connected is improving almost daily. The real revolution is that mobile learning releases learners from the classroom where they are immobilized, and allows them to learn at "anytime, anyplace."
In The Mobile Learning Edge, Dr. Gary Woodill outlines the most effective methodologies for training and engaging employees on the move and takes the person out of the classroom, while keeping learners connected to the information they need at all times.
The Mobile Learning Edge features:
Information on the social media and enabled devices that can serve your mobile learning Concrete strategies for how your business can use mobile learning to train, educate, and instruct employees anywhere Pointers on information gathering and analysis on the fly Innovative ideas for creating effective mobile learning experiences Comprehensive strategies for anticipating future mobile learning needs and developments You'll find a wealth of information about the history of this emerging field, retrieving information, methods for learning, applications, uses, and experiences--and how to put it all together to build a mobile learning system that’s right for your team.
Using case studies, Woodill shows how you can emulate the successes of corporations like Nike, Accenture, and Merrill Lynch in using micro-blogging, cloud computing, mobile gaming, intermodal mashups, virtual worlds, collective intelligence, and other mobile learning platforms to take your business's recruitment, training, communication, and collaboration functions to the next level.

Accessories iPad case to fit 9.5" tablet

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