Anthony Swailes' 15 Minute Weight Loss Program PDF Download
PDF Download (Plus Audio Files)! 15 Minute Weight Loss program by Anthony Swailes
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Once you have convinced your subconscious to lose weight... through hypnosis...

Suddenly, you can "hack" your entire body.

Your subconscious will now speed up your metabolism...

So you can eat burgers, french fries and ice cream... and still burn fat, automatically.

It can lower your stress hormones... so every workout burns double the calories.
It can make you sleep better, so your body works in overtime to digest well and slim you down.
It can make you want to go work out.
It can make you love the taste of healthy foods.
It can pretty much put you on autopilot, where it's simply natural for you to do all the right things.
And when you do the right things while having your body cooperate... then you drop fat in record time...

To the amazement of all your friends.

This is what gets the "What happened to you??" reaction...

when someone hasn't seen you for a while and is absolutely amazed at how good you look.

Rule #2 of Hypnotic Weight Loss is:
Your Brainwaves Need to be In Sync.
Now I'm going to get into a little brain science here, so please bear with me.

Because this is the missing key that so many hypnotherapists don't know.

Do you know why most hypnosis does not work?

It's because the brain is not in a receptive state.

We have 3 basic different type of brainwaves while we're awake.

Beta... which is our normal "everyday" state.
Alpha... which is our meditative, peaceful state.
Theta... which is our really deep state... where all the deep changes can happen.
Rule #3 of Hypnotic Weight Loss:
You Must Repeat the Process Until it's Permanent.
This is where it gets tricky.

Most people will try to do a session or two and expect great results.

And they will get great results... for a while.

But the fact is that your subconscious mind is stubborn.

This can make someone need to book dozens of sessions with the same hypnotist...

That can be very expensive!

But I found a way around that, (where the change is permanent in as fast as three weeks)...

And I will show you how in just one moment.

Because I don't think weightloss should be difficult or pricey.

Remember, I've been in the same boat before, and it's not fun.

After hearing this woman's story at the airport, I was sold.

"How do I work with him?" I asked.

She gave me Anthony's contact info... but she warned me:

"He is very busy, and rarely takes new clients. There is actually a waitlist."

But I was dead set on working with this guy.

I decided that I must have success.