Enjoy a Collaborative Space
Using whiteboard walls makes for a productive meeting as the environment now feels like a collaborative space, where people are encouraged to write down their ideas, get up from their seat and doodle their thoughts on the wall in front of the team. With a whiteboard wall, there is always a space available for mind mapping, brainstorming, doodling, and planning. People will get used to the environment and be more comfortable to get up and share their ideas.

Save Time
With a whiteboard wall and a projector, your meetings save time and paper usage as everyone can see all of the visual aids at the same time. The projected images and notes can be annotated using the whiteboard wall, and there is no need to hunt around for paper and hand out information as everyone can see all of the information in front of them in one all-encompassing space.

Encourage Interactivity
A whiteboard wall also encourages movement and interactivity in meetings, which is far more productive than those who just sit and listen in their seats. Whiteboard walls encourage discussion, engagement with colleagues and for people to physically take part in the session rather than feeling like an onlooker.

Expand the Opportunities
It can be a challenge when teams work in different offices, or in many cases, across the world, however, with a smart whiteboard wall, you can live stream your whiteboard and share the content with any device, allowing your whiteboard to be accessed from anywhere in the world.