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Are you a
Professional working in an office or someone working from home. Have you
realized we are surrounded by EMF and Wi-Fi radiation?

I realized I
was surrounded wherever I went

Everything is Wi-Fi

SO yes we are
surrounded with lights, computers, lights, videos phones, notepads, air
conditioners and more.

It is important
for you to have a think about this, and about protecting yourself and your
workers or friends and family from harmful radiations.


The phone,
computer or tablet, and screens you are using to read this website right now is
emitting electromagnetic fields (EMFs). There exists thousands of studies
showing how these EMFs are harmful to us and even to our DNA.

5G, Wi-Fi and smart meters are only increasing the amount of radiation we are
exposed to each day,  which leads to the most important question to ask
yourself regarding EMF radiation:"
I using anything to protect myself and my music team from the EMFs coming off
the device I am using at this very moment?"
Are you, your team and family protected from

5G Radiation.


Why Are EMFs
Harmful?   Harmful EMFs can damage our DNA and
damage the DNA of all of life around us and so we need to be doing all we can
to protect ourselves.

you have kids, you should know that children’s brains have been shown to absorb
even more radiation than adults do! That means that protecting both adults and
children are immensely important, especially with 5 G radiation rolling out
across our world.

We are experts
in EMF protection, thanks to our scientist and creator of the technology having
patents in 2G, 3G and other related technologies, which gives us the ability to
actually help you protect yourself with products that actually work! 
Our Cell phone
Discs and Computer Strips protect us from the harmful portion of the RF (radio
frequency) signalling from towers and millimetre wave antennas, while not
affecting the transmission of information at all. In other words, our discs and
strips protect us from the harmful frequencies while not lowering your signal
or connection of the device you're using.
Do Your Products Actually Work?  

Yes! Our
technology has been shown to reinforce the (-) surface charge of blood cells,
creating normal and healthy oxygen flow. EMFs are known to clump red blood
cells together, which reduces overall cellular health in many w