-Hey, every person, it is Nana Week. As well as my new children'' s publication, "Nana Enjoys You A Lot More,"".
It'' s club
day.- "Club day.".
- Posting day. -Oh.
- As well as it ' s called pub day. It ' s a little. inside company-- Yeah.
- So you go to a pub.- No, I obtained a great deal of. "Satisfied pub day," and also
that ' s what it meansImplies
- Publishing. Yeah. Do you desire me.
I wear ' t desire to cry.-No, there ' s just one kind of. It ' s not that sad. -Review that one.
Whew! You"picked a great one.
"You are my prize.
♪ ♪ Oh!- Anyhow, that'' s simply one
of. -As well as it'' s$ 16,000?
- Yeah. You play 30 Jimmy Coin for this,.
as well as you obtain-- It'' s just worth--.
It'' s like 4 Ethereum. You obtain--.
You obtain 30 Jimmy Coin. -Right. Some Ape Coin. -Yep, you get Ape Coin,.
of course.Obviously, Doge Buck
. You get--- Kohl ' s Cash money. -Yep.
You obtain, uh-- Yeah. Workdesk Coin. You can obtain that. You sell that. You reached wait a week. -You reached wait a week.
-Oh, it'' s going to go down. If you buy this now,.
it'' ll decrease. I would wait a week,.
after that buy this. -Yeah, yeah. -And after that ...
-Yeah, after that--.
- After that market it again. -Yeah, as an NFT. -As an NFT.
- Right. -After that get it back.
with the American buck. -Yeah. -Sell it for gas money.
- Yeah. -So, all week long,.
we'' re providing some love to all the grandmothers out there,.
all the nanas, all the gam-gams, all meemaws.Yeah, all the nonnas.
♪ ♪ Thanks so a lot.
for being here.Dorothea,.

welcome to "" The Tonight Program."" Thanks a lot.
-I have two grandchildren-- one 13, who'' s going to be. -Oh, come on. Well, you'' re gon na love.
- Brand-new. -Congratulations. You ' re going to play.
the drums for us, yet I listened to that you had.
an unique request. -I would certainly like to have.
Currently we'' re talking! Are these drums. I have a package just like this at.
home that I gig out with.-Yeah.

Perfect. After that why put on'' t you obtain up there,. prepare to go. We ' re gon na begin this drum-off. Can I do anything for you? ♪ ♪ How much time have you been.
playing the drums? -58 years.
- Hey! That'' s what I ' m speaking about. I believe you understand what ' s up. Quest, you far better bring-- You. better bring your A-game, buddy. -'I really hope so. I ' ve only been playing for.
58 months. -Dorothea, whenever you'' re.
Yes! Yeah! Yeah!
Come-- Simply ... Simply put on'' t even. Yeah, that ' s right, yea