Hello! Here are the latest questions I’ve received this week from my Instagram stories question box. You can ask me a question @RunEatRepeat on Instagram  or in the comments below! These questions hit all different bases from increasing speed and mileage to those Nuun electrolyte tablets. I recorded them for IGTV – so they’re available on video and audio on the Run Eat Repeat podcast.


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1. Will you come to Oklahoma and help me be a better runner?

I’d love to run a race with you in OK!


2. ( This one got cut off. )


3. How do I increase my pace and increase my mileage at the same time?

A: It’s important to be smart about it to become a better faster runner but not get injured or burnt out. Find a training plan that will guide you to increase mileage and incorporate speed work. Remember the 10% rule – don’t increase your mileage more than 10% per week.


4. Where do I get those Nuun tablets you posted about yesterday?

A: Nuun is a great sports drink for running, workouts and in this case dehydration.

Nuun Tablets Variety Pack

I also love Spark for hydration and a great pick-me-up!

My favorites are the Spark Mango Strawberry and Spark Limeade

You can also get them in Spark Stick Packs to take them on the go. I always have some in my purse and gym bag.


5. Are you still moving? Do you speak Spanish? I do a little bit.

A: Yes it’s in the works!


6. School’s back in! Don’t forget to thank your custodian. (for your mom)

A: My mom’s a teacher and I helped her set up the classroom for this new school year.


7. What’s the secret to your amazing eyebrows?

A: I try not to pluck them myself and get them dyed or color them in. I’m a natural redhead and my brows are naturally lighter than my hair – so they’re a strawberry blonde color. So I define them with an eyebrow pencil and brow gel.

My favorite eyebrow pencil and brow gels:

Eyebrow pencil in Auburn by Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Maybelline eyebrow pencil in Auburn

Revlon ColorStay eyebrow pencil in Auburn

For Blonde Hair – this Taupe brow pencil is great

Eyebrow gel in Auburn by Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Eyebrow gel / mascara by Maybelline in Auburn


8. Would you consider doing / training for a triathlon?

A:  I like the idea of it and I’d love to be a better athlete but I think it’s a very expensive sport so probably not. I don’t want to buy a fancy bike and wetsuit and all that stuff. And I don’t know how or really want to learn how to change a bike tire.


9. Before the blog took off – what did you do for work?

A: I worked at Starbucks then for a recruiting company as a researcher and did internships at a cable news station and news station in Los Angeles.


10. If not a beer mile or wine mile…. margarita mile!!?!

A: Too soon!


11. How do you get back into running after your first marathon?

A: Make if fun again!


12. Which October marathon are you running? Ventura? It’s going to be my first full marathon!

A: Maybe Lace Up Ventura or there’s also the Long Beach Marathon and St. George in October!


13. Have you done the Marine Corps Marathon?

A: I loved the Marine Corps Marathon!! Check out my recap and video here:

Marine Corps Marathon expo

Marine Corps Marathon race recap / review

Marine Corps Marathon video clips


>>> Then, the video cut me off abruptly … so I’ll answer the rest of the questions soon!


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