Photo: Ross D. Franklin (AP) In Arizona, Republican nominee Blake Masters won his primary last week, backed by $13 million in support from Silicon Valley techno-libertarian king Peter Thiel. Masters, who is running against incumbent Democratic Senator Scott Kelly, is probably one of the scariest figures of the new right: His tech-funded idea for America is a militant place that uses the “rule of law” to shore up support for pushing back against the “radical left.”
In an interview in February, Masters showed how his ideology can be used to cast doubt on climate science.
“We gotta figure out if the Earth is warming up, and why, and how much of it is caused by humans,” Masters said when asked about climate change. (FYI, Blake buddy, we already know this .) “The problem is people feel like they’ve been lied to, so much and so often, by the expert class. Not just on climate change, on everything—on covid, on Jeffrey Epstein, on literally almost every narrative. …I don’t think there’s any sort of public health or climate science legitimate perspective that people perceive as such, and it sounds an awful lot that AOC just wants the keys to the entire economy, and that’s the work that climate change is doing.”
This false direction on established science—the insinuation that decades of research and warnings from the entire scientific establishment are somehow a false flag planted by elites—is part and parcel of Masters’s terrifying Thiel-style fascist rhetoric. (Full disclosure: Thiel was the key funder of a lawsuit that bankrupted this website’s former parent company, Gawker Media.) This race isn’t crucial only for climate science but for the future of democracy itself.
Rating: -10,000/10. Giving me panic attacks about where we’re headed politically.