Aerial drone photography is done from the high altitude ground by using the Aircraft or the flying objects such as a drone. It is a type of photography which is done using the top angle of the object.

Typically the aerial photography is conducted when the photographer wants to take the photo of the object from the top angle. It can be a photo of the building, stadium or any object which is viewed from the sky.

There are several platforms used to take the aerial photography. This is generally included the fixed-wing aircraft, Unmanned aerial vehicles such as UAV or drones balloons, helicopters, blimps and dirigibles, kites, parachutes, vehicle mounted poles, rockets etc.

The photographer mounts the camera in a way that it is focused on the object resided on the ground. The platform is used to fix the camera and directed at the scene which photographer want to capture. The Camera might be triggered remotely or automatically depending on the platforms. All the Un-manned aerial vehicles are normally operated remotely from the ground.

Aerial photography is useful when you want to take the picture of the big landscape. Mainly the view of the city, stadium, beautiful landscape or sometimes related to the construction are some of the scenes are captured in the Aerial view.

The Aerial shot is used to capture the complete area in one photograph. Many building construction company also uses the Aerial photography to capture the available land or the status of the construction from the air.

Recently, the Aerial photography technology has been used by one of the well-known companies named "Tesla motors" to capture the construction of their unique Gigafactory in the State of Nevada. The factory is so big that it can not be observed from the ground.

The only way to look at the size of the factory is taking the photograph from the Air. The drone photography is used to capture the photograph and showed the extraordinary Aerial view of the factory.

Here are some of the benefits of Aerial photography that you can enjoy.
City view: This is one of the fun activities you can enjoy when you are traveling to another city. The only way to view the city is to photograph it from the air. There are many companies who provide the city view experience to the tourist at the affordable price. You can get on the helicopter which will take you to the tour of the city. You will get to experience the aerial view of the whole city. The city looks beautiful when it is viewed from the top. You will never get to see such an amazing structure of the city from the ground. It can only view from the top.

Aerial photography: Many expert photographs choose to capture the aerial photograph of a beautiful landscape. There are many wonderful landscapes available on the earth which can only observe from the top view. The things such as forest, Island, beaches, and many other things look amazing when viewed from the top. Aerial photography allows the photographer to take the mesmerizing picture of the landscape and showcase the virtue of the place to the world.

Wedding photography: The open wedding can be captured from the aerial view. The venue of the wedding maybe covered in the large area. So taking the picture from the ground might not be possible. You can take the wedding photograph by using the UAV or drone technology. It will allow you to capture the complete venue from the top and take the candid shot which is not possible from the ground as there will be lots of people around. The wedding decoration looks extraordinary when captured from the air. You get to show the people how the venue was at the wedding and how many people have joined the ceremony. All the special moves can be captured by using the drone and stored it in the lifetime memories of the bride and groom.

The sports event: All the sports events are arranged in the big stadium. Taking the picture of the stadium and its enormous appearance cannot be possible from the ground. You need the aerial view to feel the immense structure of the stadium and the participants who are enjoying the sports game. The aerial view gives the ability to the photographer to capture every single movement instantly without missing it. The camera angle can be directed instantly to the object without taking much time. It gives you 360-degree wide angle to capture the long distance places. You just have to zoom into the object and you will have your movement captured in the photo.

Emergency Purpose: The aerial view images and videos are also playing a big role in the emergency situation. The military uses the drones to watch the affected area from the top. It enables the military to take the action quickly and save the life. Some firefighters also use the Aerial video drone facility to keep an eye on the building in case of fire. The aerial video is the only way they can watch the situation and create the plan to save more lives.

Aerial Photography is the astonishing way to take the photo of the object from the top. It has many benefits that you can enjoy and experience the spectacular view of the object from the top.