The poor folks who buy into that are soon frustrated and go looking for the next "good story" leaving a trail of money in their wake. The internet is probably where the next major source of millionaires will come from. However, those millions will not be coming in the fashion that the "great word painters" make it out to be. To make it in the internet marketing business you really need to understand that there are no silver bullets that will make you rich by next week. There is something that will definitely work. It may take longer than you were hyped into believing, but there is one thing that tagged with some knowledge will create wealth. That thing is work. Facts are facts! Just because there is an overwhelming number of people who spout things to the contrary does not invalidate the facts. Here's a few things to keep in mind while looking for an internet business to get into. If you hear someone say, "No Selling," prepare to get fleeced. If you hear someone say "our program is fully automated," get ready for the poor house. If you hear someone say "get top Google listing in hours," make sure they aren't talking about gold plated toilet tissue.