Yoga and Leaving the Past Behind Yoga teachers constantly remind their students to live in the present moment. As Yoga practitioners, we learn to focus on the present, while the future twists, and turns, in front of us. By focusing on the present, the details of the future may become an optimist’s dream. Yet, how do we deal with our past? The Value of Yogic Relaxation Techniques Yogic relaxation resembles sleep, but the conscious mind maintains a state of awareness that is responsive to suggestions – much like the stage between sleep and wakefulness. During this time, negative energy is released, and the mind is susceptible to new beliefs and ideas. This is the time when the seeds for deep-rooted changes are planted. The Drama of Dharma: The Yogic Training of Duty, Action and Freedom It’s two days after the Balinese holy day of Galungan, which celebrates the victory of dharma (virtue, right action) over adharma (evil, chaos). In astrology, Saturn best represents the concept of dharma, a principal of primary importance to the yogi. Advantages of Flow Yoga The term “flow Yoga” is an abbreviated form of the phrase “Vinyasa Flow Yoga.” This form of Yoga is based on movements synchronized with breath. The word ‘flow’ refers to the way the poses are strung together gracefully, and how the Yoga practitioner moves with each breath, while the sequence of movements come together like a dance. Inner Peace With Yogic Breath Awareness In Yoga, there are many paths to inner peace. The one path most often taken for granted is pranayama. Many people assume pranayama is just breathing, but it can stand alone as a science and a path toward inner peace. The difference between simply breathing and pranayama is vast. Yoga Fitness in Our Schools One option for public schools is “Yoga Fitness” or “Stretch and Breathe Classes.” At the very least, our children will learn to be fit, focus on their studies, and deal with daily stress. Five Objections to Yoga Class If you are a regular practitioner, it is hard to imagine an objection to Yoga. Let’s think outside the box toward the most common objections to Yoga, for us to consider, when welcoming new students to yoga class. Yoga for Self-Acceptance Dedicate any part of yourself to Yoga and you are sure to be a healthier, more relaxed, and happier person overall. Take each technique at your own pace, and commend yourself for what you have accomplished. Your mind will learn to appreciate you, and you will a