Perfect teeth can make you feel more confident, and with the various options available, tooth whitening is becoming more accessible for everyone.If you are struggling with the look of your not-so-white teeth, Zoom whitening may be the answer to your prayers. This in-office dental procedure is quick, painless and cost-effective, and can provide a wonderful improvement to the current color and look. Everyone wants a brighter smile, and most of us choose to achieve it through cheap whitening toothpastes or application strips, but these methods don't provide the same results as you can potentially get in a dentist's chair.

A Zoom whitening procedure involves applying a light-activated hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching agent called Zoom gel. Once applied, the gel will work under a specialized Zoom light to lighten the discoloration of enamel and dentin, giving you a brighter, whiter smile in no time. This light works specifically to activate the hydrogen peroxide, which penetrates and bleaches the upper most surface. The entire treatment consists of three short sessions that can be completed within a one-hour visit to your dentist's office.

Your teeth may be discolored for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are an avid red wine or coffee drinker, a smoker, or perhaps you use certain prescription medications that can take a toll on the color. If any of these apply to you, fret no longer. You can easily be rid of the stain lingering on your teeth and turn them into pearly whites once again!

Before the procedure, you should get informed about the risks and benefits of this process and also have a thorough cleansing of your mouth so that it is prepared for the treatment. The most common risk that comes with this procedure is the possible tooth sensitivity after the treatment. Some people also experience gum irritation or other rare complications, and you should discuss all these possibilities with your dentist before the treatment so that you know what to expect.

The advantages for this procedure far outweigh the disadvantages. You will most likely be walking out of your dentist's office with not only a brighter smile, but a more attractive face and a greater level of confidence. A gleaming smile is one of the most important assets to the beauty of our faces, and we should not let it be neglected. Every person has a right to a clean, white set of teeth and Zoom whitening can help you achieve that goal!