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Diabetes type 2 curable - your pancreas doesn\'t produce quite enough insulin, or your body\'s cells just won\'t react to insulin.


♦ Stop Consuming Sugar, of any and every type... pastries,

♦ Stop Smoking - I really don\'t believ
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e I need to say any more about this stinking, murderous habit as I have written plenty about this too..!

♦ Stop EXCESSIVE Alcohol Consumption - moderation is key...

♦ Eat \"Naturally\" Healthy - if you\'ve been paying attention to my newsletters and articles, then you should know by now what I\'m saying here...

♦ Exercise - I cannot emphasise enough how a daily session of sweat-inducing, lung-expanding exercise is absolutely paramount to your good health and especially important for keeping diabetes at bay - it doesn\'t have to be a long session, 20 minutes will do, and it can be any kind you prefer, so long as you do something - it WILL help big-time... !

Diabetes Type 2 Curable - 6 Natural Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

#1 - Cinnamon

Its\' effective use as a remedy for Type 2 diabetes is still a topic for debate amongst those that want to take the time to debate it, but the fact is that the consumption of cinnamon is a centuries-old habit that has always been associated with bodily health - in more than one way.

Several studies and reviews have been carried over recent years with what I think are very positive results...

#2 - Garlic

Already well known for its health-maintaining and improving properties, garlic also helps to remedy the effects of diabetes due to its\' high \"allicin\" content, a known \"hypoglycemia\" fixer.

#3 - Vitamin C

Vitamin C, in fact, lowers levels of \"sorbitol\", the sugar that damages the cells in the eyes, kidneys, and nerves of a diabetes sufferer... this makes a whole lot of sense when it\'s a given fact that diabetes is a disease known for its\' ugly record of oxidative damage - the damage was done to your cells and DNA by rogue molecules called \"free radicals\".

Antioxidants such as vitamin C provide front-line protection against these free-radicals.

#4 - Water

Water has a great diuretic effect and can ensure excess sugar is passed through the act of urination, this heavily assists with the maintaining of a healthy glucose level inside your body.

All the recent studies have proved that by consuming substantial amounts of water daily, up to 2.5 liters, sufferers of Type 2 normally show an obvious improvement of their blood-sugar levels.

#5 - Grape Seed Extract

Grape seeds are rich in flavonoids, linoleic acid, and vitamin E and that\'s good reason to suspect they\'re of definite assistance toward the curing of Type 2 diabetes.

Taken in capsule form, studies have been carried out on this nutrient-rich food source have resulted in no less than a positive feedback each time - and diabetes sufferers everywhere are certainly positive that it has helped them in the past and still continues to do so.

#6 - Fenugreek

Used in seed form for Indian cuisine and also found in a pill, capsule or it\'s raw form, this is another proven food item that\'s a definite aid to controlling your diabetes-induced problems - again, research and scientific trials have proven that it has several beneficial effects for your good health.

The seeds are steeped in hot water and the resultant \'tea\' then drank - on an empty stomach first thing in the morning...

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Physiotherapy exercises are another common treatment. Unlike pain-killing medication, these exercises treat the underlying problem – but it’s vital that the right exercises are performed for a specific cause of sciatica. The wrong exercises can worsen pain and increase the time taken for recovery.

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