Comme des Garcons founder says she felt mostly rejected
Kawakubo was born in 1942, and her Comme des Garcons first participated in Paris Fashion Week in 1981. She shared her thoughts on the show and
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Palace seeking 2nd Sona translators
âAside from the simple Sona wanted by the President without what we call a fashion show, we are preparing a brochure, with pictures of the projects of
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Ultra Prosthetics & Orthotics Carson City Wonderful 5 Star Review
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Couples across the state take part in Southwest Oklahoma Bridal Expo
Nearly 600 people came to the event at the Hilton Garden Inn that featured a fashion show, Polynesian dancers, and 30 food and sales vendors.
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San Jose: Vintage pin-up outfits are art for fourth-gen seamstress
âShe said 'Why don't you model in my fashion show,' and I got a dress out of it,â Fauvor said. âIt was a really pretty rust color, like a '40s dress, and it fit
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One of the mostly used anti-cellulite remedy is using coffee scrubs. Coffee grounds combined with coconut oil and sea salt will make a very good cellulite removing cream. Caffeine i
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Now you see it! From foil lips at Maison Margiela to HAIRNETS loved by Kate Middleton at Chanel ...
During Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, avant-garde clothing, sculptural hairstyles and other-worldly make-up looks are de rigeuer. From the
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Haute Couture Diary Day 1: Rodarte, Chloé, Azzaro
Haute couture is in full swing in Paris and this season is full of Americans in Paris who decamped to Europe to show their collections on the couture
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