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Strategyzer has been working with Holger Nils Pohl for several years now to bring more visual thinking into our client programs and Masterclasses. Now Holger runs his own Masterclass on creating clarity through visual tools.
Clarity and alignment is exactly what we try to achieve with the visual and strategic business tools that we create or promote at Strategyzer.
The Business Model Canvas makes clear and explicit and how an orga
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nization creates value for itself.
The Value Proposition Canvas makes clear and explicit how an organization creates value for its customers.
The Portfolio Map makes clear and explicit if and how an organization is prepared for potential future disruption and how it will generate growth.
An interesting aspect that I’ve learned from Holger which I didn’t realize previously, is how visuals increase information retention.
Retention is incredibly important when it comes to strategy communication and alignment in large, established organizations. Information retention rates are disastrous or go through the roof depending on the type of presentation format you use. After 3 days, people retain only 10% of on oral presentation or written communication.
When you use visuals to communicate people retain on average 65%, and when a session is interactive retention peaks at 70%. So when it comes to your strategy communication and strategic alignment, what do you prefer, a 10% or 65%-70% retention rate?  

Read more about The Drawing Effect on Holger Nils Pohl’s blog and sign-up for the workshop on How to Create Clarity with Visual Tools in Berlin on March 13th.

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