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These days, it can feel tough to keep up with rapidly evolving world of mobile marketing. This is especially true when it comes to terminology. In fact, as I wrote and edited this very blog, our Direct of Product Marketing, Aaron, had new words to add to the list (hence why this is only part one).

So if you’re looking to stay in the know, impress your boss, or maybe just understand what the heck your mobile dev team is saying, check out the latest and grea
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test mobile marketing terminology below:

A/B/n Testing: The act of testing out your mobile messaging campaigns for optimization. This involves having a control group (that doesn’t receive any message) and two or more message variants to see which performs best.

API: Application Programming Interface. APIs are how two pieces of software communicate with one another and exchange data. For example, your developers might use an API to send customer data from your CRM to Localytics so that you can send more targeted messages to your users. Setting up an API requires you to know how to code.

App Inbox: An email-like inbox that’s built inside your app. Customers can go to the inbox to view an array of content that has been curated specifically for them. It can also be used to create a personalized app homescreen.

App Marketing: Marketing that you do specifically for your app. This involves marketing directly from the app such as mobile messaging (push notifications, in app messaging, etc.) and marketing on other channels (email, ads, etc.) to promote your app.

App Onboarding: A series of in-app messages that showcase key app features and functionality when a new user opens your app for the first time. It’s job is to help users immediately get value out of your app, so they’ll be more likely to open the app again.

App Store Optimization (ASO): The SEO of the app world. App Store Optimization involves optimizing your app listing for discoverability. Since there are millions of apps, this is an effective tactic to ensure your listing has the best chance at being found and attracting downloads.

Behavioral Targeting: Targeting a message at users who have performed specific actions in the app in the past. Messages that use a combination of behavioral and profile targeting have the highest open and retention rates.

Campaign Builder: A tool that enables marketers to create personalized, multi-step campaigns that are triggered by user behavior across channels.

DAU: Daily Active (app) Users. The number of users who open your app at least once on a given day.

Dynamic Segmentation: A product of mobile marketing automation where users are automatically added to and removed from certain marketing campaigns based on profile and behavioral actions.

Geofences: Virtual fences that are placed around real-world locations. Geofences are generally used to trigger messages when a user enters or exits the fence, but they can also be used for other things like analytics on how many people are passing by a specific location.

Geopush: Another term for location-based messaging.

In-App Messaging: In-app messages are messages displayed while the user is active within the app itself with the idea of nurturing the user and moving them towards conversion. They can be triggered by the completion of an app event (such as reading an article) or they can be shown right when a user opens the app.

Liquid Templating: In mobile marketing, liquid templating involves creating a messaging template that has variable copy that changes for each user. The most common example is inserting a user’s name into a message, but it can also be used for things like mentioning a user’s favorite topic or the item they just purchased.

Location Based Messaging: With location-based messaging, a message is triggered when a user enters or exits a specific real-world location. These messages are often push notifications triggered by technology such as geofences or beacons and are unique to mobile.

MAU: Monthly Active (app) Users. The number of users who opened your app at least once in a given month.

Mobile Marketing Automation: The act of automatically sending messages to your app users based on who they are and/or the actions they have taken inside your app.

Omnichannel Marketing: Marketing to consumers across all channels they interact with you on (email, mobile, web, etc.). The most important part of an omnichannel marketing strategy is to provide a consistent cross-channel experience.

Profile Targeting: Targeting a message based on who a user is (their gender, age, favorite category, etc.). Messages that use a combination of profile and behavioral targeting have the highest open and retention rates.

Push Notifications: The reigning king of mobile app marketing. Push notifications are the text-like messages you receive from apps that get displayed on your phone’s lock screen and in your phone’s notification center. Push notifications are incredibly powerful because they allow you to engage users outside your app. Users can choose to opt out of receiving push notifications, so it’s important to only send users helpful and relevant push notifications.There are several different types of push notifications; standard, rich, silent, location-based and web push.

Rich Push: The newest version of push notifications; these messages get sent directly to a mobile user’s home screen and include rich media such as an image, video, audio and more.

Permission Requests: A type of in-app message sent to users requesting permission to enhance the app experience. The most popular types of app permission requests are push notification and location requests.

Silent Push: A push notification that isn’t seen by the user. Silent pushes can be used to send updated information to your app (although they can’t be used to automatically update the app itself). An example might be a silent push that notifies your app that a user has qualified for free shipping on their next order. Silent pushes are also how mobile marketing platforms detect if a user has uninstalled your app.

SDK: Software Development Kit. These are lines of code that allow developers to add specific features and functionality to an app. For example, a developer might use the Google Maps SDK so that her app can include maps directly in the app. Mobile marketing platforms like Localytics provide their own SDKs that allow the platform to track analytics and send messages to an app.

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