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Lizzo‘s latest post on Instagram is going viral!

The 31-year-old “Good as Hell” singer stripped down to her birthday suit and crawled around on a couch with her hair strategically covering up her body.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lizzo

“Omw,” Lizzo simply captioned the video on Instagram. If you didn’t know, “Omw” stands for “on my way.”

Pictured inside: Lizzo wearing a festive costume while performing on stage during 93.3 FLZ’s 2
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019 Jingle Ball concert presented by Capital One at Amalie Arena on Sunday night (December 1) in Tampa, Fla.

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A post shared by Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) on Dec 1, 2019 at 1:15pm PST

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Anthony Cowan and Maryland are playing their best ball.

This Terps team, led by Jalen Smith, looks different than the rest in the Mark Turgeon era.
Maryland basketball in the Mark Turgeon era has been defined by unfulfilled promise. The team has recruited well, stocked up with NBA-level talent (four players are in the NBA right now), yet proceeded to underwhelm not only in the NCAA Tournament, but in the regular season as well. Maryland’s made the tournament four times in eight years under
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Turgeon, but never advanced past the Sweet 16 or ranked higher than a No. 4 seed.

This year’s preseason hype, where Maryland ranked No. 7 in the AP Poll, felt all too familiar. Fans lived through the 2015-16 team that began the year at No. 3 in the polls only to see it flame out in the NCAA tournament, when a starting lineup of elite recruits never clicked and ultimately fell in the Sweet 16 as a mere No. 5 seed.

But this year, the Terps’ elite ranking looks like it’s for real.

The Terps are currently 9-0, with five wins over KenPom top-100 teams, three of them coming by double-digits. Maryland’s winning confidently with the No. 8 offense and No. 14 defense in the country. This is one of the most balanced teams in America to this point.

For once, this doesn’t look like it’s a trap. Here’s why.

Mark Turgeon’s figured out small lineups are his best lineups
Turgeon’s never been the strongest offensive coach, and some of that has had to do with his idea of the perfect college scoring system. Often, Turgeon’s stacked two traditional bigs side-by-side, packing the paint in a game that’s trending towards the three-point line. It’s resulted in high-turnover rates as the offense stagnates with poor spacing. But this year, he’s found his core unit early, and they’re thriving.

Maryland’s best five include three guards, a wing and a center. Senior point guard Anthony Cowan and sophomore big man Jalen Smith are all-conference talents leading the way, and their play is supplemented by sophomores Eric Ayala and Aaron Wiggins, and junior Darryl Morsell. Aside from 6’10 Smith, no player stands taller than 6’6.

Playing small has benefited Maryland on both ends of the floor in areas where they’ve never been good. A program notorious for its sloppiness with the ball, Maryland’s turnover rate of just 15.9 percent ranks No. 24 in the nation. With four able ball-handlers, Maryland has a limitless supply of shot-creators able to drive to the rim and kick out. That’s important. The Terps aren’t a great three-point shooting team, but they’re a great offensive rebounding one, making lost possessions matter that much more. Turgeon’s Terps have never ranked better than No. 145 in turnover rate before, and ranked below No. 200 the last three seasons.

Playing smaller has also put the Terps’ best defenders on the floor, instead of merely their tallest. Morsell (6’5) may be the height of a guard, but he’s so quick and strong that he’s able to defend anyone from a point guard to a wing. Wiggins is just 6’6, but his long wingspan helps contest shots from power forwards, and Smith’s 7-foot-1 wingspan is a physical presence in itself. Maryland’s non-steal turnover rate (it means what it sounds like) is No. 52 in the country. That’s the first time it’s ever ranked inside the top-100 under Turgeon, and it was 15th-worst out of all 353 teams last season.

Maryland’s guard are really damn good
The Terps have often been short-handed on guards through the Turgeon era, struggling to find ball-handlers to spell starters. That isn’t a problem this year. Cowan is the team’s best player, scoring 16 points with four assists on 41 percent three-point shooting. He commands the ball for most of the game. But Maryland isn’t toast if he’s sitting out (or playing poorly.)

Morsell is Cowan’s relief passer. He’s come on strong in the past few weeks, finally putting together his off-the-charts athleticism for basketball good. He isn’t an elite scorer, but he’s an okay one, who has instead learned how to create for others. He had three assists in a 21-point win over Marquette, and four in a 21-point win over Notre Dame. He’s quick, gets to the rim, and knows how to distribute.

Ayala is Cowan’s relief scorer. The 6’5 guard can shoot from distance, and pull-up in the paint. He’s scoring 11 points per game on 44 percent from the field, and isn’t even shooting well from distance yet (27 percent after shooting 41 percent a year ago.) If his outside game starts clicking, Maryland’s offense will jump to another level.

Maryland’s blowing out teams, not merely winning. That matters.
A win is a win come tournament time, but a blowout win means a team is really in business. So far, Maryland has been, as their closest win was by seven points against Harvard.

A blowout Orlando Invitational Tournament championship win over Marquette is the Terps’ marquee win to date. Maryland shot the ball fine, but not spectacularly (48 percent from the field, 35 percent from three), and still won by 21 points over a KenPom top-30 team. Defensively, Maryland was sharp, keeping Markus Howard, fresh off 50- and 41-point back-to-back-games, to just six points on 12 shots. This wasn’t an off shooting night for Howard, either. Morsell and Wiggins had his number all afternoon. Maryland won because its system was sharp.

Nothing about the Terps’ first nine games has been a fluke.

Maryland has concerns still
The Terps are firmly in the conversation as the best team in the country, but there are still pieces to put together. The main one is simple: can this team shoot well enough from distance to win against top-ranked teams?

Through nine games, Maryland’s only shooting 31 percent from three-point range, which isn’t good. It ranks No. 233 in the country. Aside from Cowan, nobody’s been consistent. Smith’s shooting form looks improved, but he’s only made 4-of-18 threes. Wiggins was a sharpshooter last year (41 percent), but he’s only made 16-of-51. Ayala’s shooting under 27 percent, and Morsell’s made just 31 percent.

It’s early. The sample sizes are small. But fans shouldn’t be planning a parade route just yet. Free throw shooting percentages are one of the best indicators of how good a shooter really is, simply because everyone takes the same shot from the same distance without any defenders. Wiggins has only made 13-of-20 shots from the line so far (65 percent). Last year, Wiggins made 26-of-30. That’s great, but it’s a small sample. Was Wiggins’ great shooting last season a fluke?

Aside from shooting, Maryland’s also played good, but not great opponents. They’ve yet to play one of KenPom’s top-20, but have three tough games coming up against Illinois (No. 44), Penn State (No. 23) and Seton Hall (No. 14.) How Maryland handles its schedule through the holidays will say a lot about what they’ve built.

This year is a big one for Maryland basketball. Smith is likely headed to the NBA, and Cowan’s set to graduate, with no heir apparent in sight. Through nine games, fans should feel optimistic. This team looks like one that can break out of the old Maryland mold.

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If you’ve got a little kid who likes to delay bedtime as long as possible, this comedian’s video is for you
“What is lava made from?” “Why do we have butt cracks?” “I had a booger, but I got it out and I just wanted to tell you.” If you have a toddler or young child, then you’ve probably heard some variation of the above while you’re desperately trying to get them to go to sleep. One comedian’s video impersonation of this daily t&ecir
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c;te-à-tête is going viral because, well, you’ve just gotta see for yourself. And laugh.

Comedian Shaun Johnson’s “Bedtime Excuses” video is making parents everywhere nod and chuckle — and it’s not hard to see why.

Playing every beleaguered mom there ever was, Johnson asks the toddler version of himself, “Why are you out of bed?”

The familiar answer? “I can’t sleep.” Though it’s definitely past the kid’s bedtime, that doesn’t stop The Asking Of The Questions or the Telling Of The Things. You know, like “I was scared but I’m not scared anymore” and whether “they’re” going to impeach Trump. “I think I was sleepwalking” is also a good one. LOL.

“I was in bed and one of my socks was itching so I came down to let you know one of my socks was itching” is probably the most spot-on part of the entire video. If it’s bedtime and your small child is even the tiniest bit uncomfortable (for my four-year-old, it comes down to wedgies and boogers in her nose), you will hear about it.

Even if you’re not expected to fix it, you will still hear about their sudden “problem” and how they solved it. Repeatedly, until the end of time. Or at least until they’re old enough to love and covet sleep the way nature intended.

This video is every bit as good as comedian Trey Kennedy‘s “Middle Schoolers” parody. Because while the toddler phase may be tough, the tweens are every bit as draining (even if they sleep like angels).

If nothing else, it’s nice to know that we’re all in solidarity with the thousands of parents who watch these videos and can commiserate about our stubborn-but-lovable kiddos. So maybe the next time we’re tucking our little ones in for the millionth time in one night or when our 12-year-olds come home from school with drama and attitude, we’ll think of these videos and smile. While pouring a glass of wine, to be sure, but with a fond smile for the kids who drive us crazy.

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It's essential that businesses invest in optimizing their sites and apps for the trending tech.

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Students whose chosen field of study is the environment and issues related to the environment will be interested to know there are numerous environmental scholarships to be had to help offset the cost of going to school. Many corporations, organizations and government agencies offer students grants to help complete their education.

The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, for example, offers up to $19,250 to 30 juniors and seniors each year to help complete their bachelor's degree in environmental studies and $8,
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000 to complete a summer internship with the Environmental Protection Agency between their junior and senior year.

Eligibility requirements for the Environmental Protection Agency scholarships include; being enrolled at or attending an accredited college or university, being a US citizen, (or can prove legal status), must have already completed the first two years of the bachelor's degree program in their chosen field, and maintain an acceptable grade point average.

The Environmental Protection Agency also offers The National Network for Environmental Management Studies Fellowship to 16 eligible undergraduate and graduate students studying biology or environmental science while focusing on environmental protection and pollution control. The award amount varies by student.

Annie's Homegrown, Inc. awards 25 - $1,000 environmental scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in classes and projects related to environmental advocacy. Each award is intended to assist the student with tuition, books and supplies.

Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall started a foundation that offers up to 80 scholarships per year to Native American and Inuit students who are majoring in environmental studies such as, engineering, science and education. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible for these scholarships which can be as much as $5,000 per year.

The Libby H. Hyman Memorial Scholarship is offered by The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology to students researching invertebrates out in the field. Undergraduate or graduate students nearing graduation are eligible for the $1,000 grant.

The Garden Club of America offers the Katherine M. Grosscup Scholarship to students who live in the Midwest who are studying botany or horticulture. This scholarship is valued at up to $3,000. The GCA also offers $5,500 to at least two students studying ways to conserve the earth's tropical forests. One lucky freshman, sophomore or junior student can be awarded the Mary T. Carothers Summer Environmental Studies Scholarship, also through the GCA, worth $2,000 to do classwork, field work or research on environmental issues during the summer.

If you are into studying sustainable agriculture then you have the opportunity to benefit from a portion of Annie's Sustainable Agriculture Scholarships. Annie's makes $50,000 worth of scholarships available every year to students studying not only sustainable agriculture but soil and crop sciences as well.

You can find more information on the scholarships listed above and others that may be available at the respective websites for each of the corporations, organizations or government agencies profiled here.

So no matter what your chosen field of environmental study is, there are many environmental scholarships or grants available to help with the cost of your education.
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Starting Off

Community College of Allegheny County has started a $65 million campaign with no end date. Efforts to build jobs will be a priority. Thus far $44 million has been raised.
Oral Roberts University has started a three-year campaign to raise $75 million. Buildings and scholarships are the top goals.

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