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BIF Week set to be showcase platform for local designers
... was appointed by the World Indigenous Fashion Week to represent Sabah is to get young fashion designers and to bring and display their collection
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4th edition of Arab Fashion Week to launch in Dubai
DUBAI: The world's most acclaimed fashion designers arrive in the Middle East's style capital for the fourth edition of Arab Fashion Week from 16th
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The 9 Most Important Trends For AW 17
As leaves change and begin to drop quiet little wallflowers should probably think about staying home, because this season fashion has become
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Cool News! Fellow Plus Size Blogger, Chante Burkett to Open One Curvy Boutique!!
Happy Monday, Curvy Cuties! So if you're like me you've been following the blogs & social media timelines all weekend seeing what's going on in
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Laura had her water tested for lead. She got the results almost two years later.

Source: MedMD
Specforce Abs For Men And Women


Specforce Abs For Men And Women - Six Pack Abs Fast With Todd Lamb 6 Weeks To Six Pack Abs There’s so many different training plans out there that promise to give you the six pack to die for, so when we came across Specforce Abs, we have to admit to rolling our eyes at yet another one… But we have to admit that it’s creator, Todd Lamb, certainly is the perfect advert for such a product. So there was nothing else for it but to get down and dirty with exactly what this program has to offer in our review here. And, we have to say, the
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special forces all need to be ultra fit to defend their country – so maybe there is something behind it, after all. Below is exactly what we uncovered with Mr. Lamb’s training program. Read on to discover if it really is worth the money, or if it’s simply another angle at getting you to part with your hard earned dollars… What do you get for your money? So, what you get for your money is the Specforce Abs Handbook – and this little baby not only focuses on what you need to do to get that perfect physique, but also tells you why regular workouts actually cause you to look fatter and age you faster. You’ll learn the following about why training your abs in the wrong way is actually to the detriment of your physique: Accelerated aging: This is the first ‘bad’ aspect of traditional abs training. Crunches and the like actually causes you to ‘hunch’. This is a condition known as ‘kyphosis’ – whereby traditional abs work causes over active upper abdominal muscles that pull the upper body forwards, creating a stooped posture and related strain on the lower back. It also pulls your breastbone towards the pubic bone, which then compresses the abdominal organs. Bulging pot belly: Caused by over training your hip flexors, pulling the pelvis forward and down, making you look 5-10lbs heavier than you really are (and also damaging your lower back). Disc damage: Because you over flex your spine, causing pressure on the discs between the vertebrae. This can, in the worst cases, cause a prolapsed disc – or disc hernia. But what the Specforce Abs program works on is to train your abdominal muscles in 360 degrees. It’s a five step process that works on the following: Abdominal armoring: Working out in the correct manner is about creating a core ‘armor’ that literally props up your midsection. This in turn provides the foundation for the rest of your core development. Asset stacking: By working the muscles, rectus abdominals, the posterior chain (in other words, the muscles that make up the backside of your body), and your obliques, you can combine the muscles in their entirety to have the strength to create strong, functional, flat and beautiful abs. Fixed angle concentration: This is all about causing the highest number of fibers in the abdominal muscles to fire. It’s scientifically proven and means faster muscle development and those much desired abs to become beautiful in the shortest amount of time possible. TQ Workups: Or Tissue Quality Work Ups. Here it’s all about progressive skill development that tells you exactly when you’re ready to progress to the next stage of the program. Strategic target selection: Using something called electromyography, or EMG, you’ll be precisely and strategically targeting exercises that give you maximum muscle fiber activation at precisely the right time in your progression.
We offer a professional, friendly approach that encourages our customers to learn about the benefits of renewable energy and participate in this area. We want our customers to be aware of their energy usage and to use the most efficient cost-effective way of attaining it without contributing to global warming. In this way, we are helping our customers to protect the planet for future generations.
Wellcome to my channe How to get ripped six pack abs in 5 seconds

How to get ripped six pack abs in 5 seconds:https://goo.gl/4QcsJj

So you want to get ripped 6 pack abs and build muscle too, but you’ve been told that you need to bulk and then cut to do it? It’s time to pull up a seat and get ready to hear the truth about getting abs. First, the bulking and cutting myth was originated by guys that were unable to follow a sensible eating regimen consistently enough to be ripped year round. These are the guys that tend to look fat and out of shape half the year and sport abs wheneve
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r they want to promote a product or do a photoshoot.

This video is going to expose the myth and show you that in order to get 6 pack abs and build muscle three hundred sixty five days a year you need to do just two things. First, you must be in a hypocaloric state if you are currently overweight and in need of losing weight to reveal your abs. Nutrition is and always will be the key to getting abs. Second, you need to be sure you remain in positive nitrogen balance (particularly as you decrease your calories a bit). This is needed to make sure you can still provide enough substrate necessary to support the lean muscle you have and help to build new muscle.

Protein supplements can come in incredibly handy in this process if the ones you are choosing are free of fillers, empty calories and garbage. They provide you with the protein you need without the excess calories that come from foods associated as high protein but also high fat or carb dense. Now that said, solid food nutrition absolutely must make up the major constituent of your eating plan if you want to build muscle. That said, your protein supplements can support your cause and make the task of getting enough to stay in positive nitrogen balance much more convenient.

The entire myth about bulking and cutting doesn’t just pertain to dirty bulking. In the case of dirty bulking it is complete and utter garbage. I’m also talking about clean bulking as well. There simply is no reason to have to bulk to the point of adding fat in order to add lean muscle. You can steadily add lean muscle, long beyond newbie gains (and at any age) as long as you’re providing your body with the substrate it needs to build new muscle.

How to get ripped six pack abs in 5 seconds:https://goo.gl/4QcsJj

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