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How To Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality So You Can Live Your Dreams...

“The secret to change is one step at a time.” —Mark Twain

Everyone has dreams, visions or plans about things they'd love to have or to achieve. But too many of us have given up on them along the way. I remember working with a client who had dreams of becoming a writer. They were smart, articulate, well educated, but due to a bad experience in a College English class, the college professor called their writing style "amateurish and childish", they stopped writing and so they gave up on their
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dream. My thought is that you only live once, so let's figure out ways to truly live your dreams.

The eyes of a child. Sometimes it's good to see things in a child like way. To be called childish though can hurt deeply especially if you're pursuing your dream...

As happened with my client, words can have a big impact on us and I really hate it when words diminish our desire to pursue our dreams, but sometimes we allow them that kind of power over us...  Like everyone else, I too have been impacted by the words of others...I hope to use words in a different way though, too re-inspire you to follow your dreams... Having a dream is the easy portion. We all have dreams. Some are big dreams and some are small dreams. Transforming your dream into a reality can be far more challenging. However, with the help of proven techniques, you can get you from where you are to where you want to be faster than you thought possible.

Like everyone else, I too have been impacted by the words of others...I hope to use words in a different way though, too re-inspire you to follow your dreams... Having a dream is the easy portion. We all have dreams. Some are big dreams and some are small dreams. Transforming your dream into a reality can be far more challenging. However, with the help of proven techniques, you can get you from where you are to where you want to be faster than you thought possible.

Having a dream is the easy portion. We all have dreams. Some are big dreams and some are small dreams. Transforming your dream into a reality can be challenging. However, with the help of proven techniques, you can get you from where you are to where you want to be faster than you thought possible.

Don't buy into the hype that some people promote that you can just imagine your dreams and they will come true - you have to take some kind of action towards achieving them., it's not a completely easy thing to accomplish your dreams, you definitely need to put in some hard work in order to achieve something worthwhile. It used to be, in many cultures, that it was inspiration from dreams that we had while asleep that we then took action on in our waking lives. So keep a look out for guidance from your dreams.

You definitely need to put in some hard work in order to achieve something worthwhile. It used to be, in many cultures, that it was inspiration from dreams that we had while asleep that we then took action on in our waking lives. So keep a look out for guidance from your dreams.

It used to be, in many cultures, that it was inspiration from dreams that we had while asleep that guided action on in our waking lives at times and hence the term "follow your dreams". So keep a look out for guidance from your dreams.

Before you write this off as some crazy notion, let me assure you that sleep and dreams are highly important. In fact, it has recently been shown that sleep is vital to our success and well being because it is literally when new learning is consolidated and neurons grow. Scientists have shown this through the use of what's called "light microscopy"

For more information on dreams check out Wikipedia and WebMd.

See the image below? This isn't the kind of dream you turn into reality...Pick something better!

Now back to the Top 7 Steps To Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality. Here's a process to follow to turn your dreams into reality.

1. Turn your dream into a goal and have a plan associated with it. When you have a goal, you have a true target. For a greater chance of success, your plan should have a deadline and it must be measurable. It has been said that dreams are objectives without a deadline. Devote yourself to steadily working towards setting a deadline and things will start to happen.Having measurable goals is important because without them you really have no way to tell if you moving forward... The human brain plays funny tricks on us and without a good way to track our progress we often succumb to false impressions our brains create.

The human brain plays funny tricks on us and without a good way to track our progress we often succumb to false impressions our brains create.

Let me give you an example of a measurable goal that has a deadline associated with it: "By November 15, I will lose 20lbs." An important principle with setting goals is to make them compelling so that they stir up your sense of desire to accomplish them. At the same time, you also want to be realistic about what is possible. If you see your goal as impossible to achieve it becomes very hard to generate the energy and enthusiasm needed to move forward to take action.

2. Break your goals into small steps, so that they are easier to achieve and don't seem as overwhelming. Want to know the fancy term that social scientist came up with for this technique? "Partializing the problem"

When you plan break goals into small steps...You don't always need a hammer.


3. Now prioritize your goals into what you need to accomplish each day. Inside our minds, we all have a a constant stream of dialogue going on. Most of the time we are unaware of it, but thousands of times a day your brain gives you messages... So now it's time to put this mechanism to good use and to let your brain know that your goal is more important than most of the random "inner chatter" that happens all day long. You know, more important than things like... "I like bacon" or "That person is annoying".

Remind yourself througout the day of your goal and your priority as well as many reasons you have behind wanting to accomplish it...

4. With that being said the next thing to do is to make a list of things that you associate as being negative that are related to your goal or dream. Most likely you already have negative things associated with your dream or goal. You may not have even realized it before, but these associations have been holding you back from achieving your dreams. So make a list of all the negative items that come to mind when you think about achieving your dream or goal. Then look at the are list and start to identify ways to deal with these challenges. Every time a new negative association pops into your mind, jot it down and create a method to deal with if needed. Keep doing this exercise over time as things will change and new challenges and negative associations will arise.

5. Now make a list of all the things that you view as positive about reaching your goal or dream. As you consider the positive imagine how would feel achieving your dream. Build up that feeling. Imagine people cheering and clapping - whatever helps you to intensify the feeling. Think about how accomplishing your goal would change your life... What would be different about your view of the world or your self-image? Now consider your next objective. What would it be? Make this objective as desirable and attractive as possible. Create a vision of your life after you've accomplished your goal. What does it look like, feel like etc... As you do this exercise, consider how repeating this process will keep your motivation levels high.

6. Now take a look at what additional steps you need to take in order to make you dream a reality. Do you need a license or permit? Are you starting a business? Do you need special resources? Do you need additional knowledge" How about skills that you might need to acquire? Create a list of the resources, knowledge, and skills you may need to acquire and begin your planning process to work through getting them.

Keep in mind the concept of outsourcing. Are there other people who can help you. Maybe you don't need all the knowledge and skill you've listed. List the people you know who can be helpful to you and consider their expertise or resources that they might lend... A wise friend once said to me, "No man is an island" and that is very true when accomplishing your dream. Sometimes you need guidance and mentoring along the way. You may be afraid to ask for help, but keep in mind that most people actually like to help. Continue to break down any obstacles you may need to overcome into smaller manageable steps that you can overcome.

7.  Take action every day & Track your progress. On a regular schedule review and evaluate where you are with your goal and re-evaluate what you need to do in order to move forward. Keep in mind that circumstances change and you may need to modify your plan.

Repeat every step as needed and best of luck to you on your journey to accomplish your dreams. When you achieve your dream don't forget to celebrate!

Celebrate Your Victories No Matter How Small...

People often dream about many things and I had a turning point for myself in 2009 in which I developed a dream to help people develop more mental, emotional and financial freedom...

If you want to discover more about my dream and some of what I uncovered Click Here

For another great perspective on turning dreams into reality check out this great Ted Talk:



How To Make Money Online By Starting Your Own Internet Marketing Business

Ask yourself this question, "Do want more freedom in your life?"

More freedom to do what you love, spend time with friends and family, to enjoy yourself?

If you answered, "Yes" and whether you were thinking about having more money in the bank, freedom to take vacations, or buy the things you'd like, or even to give back in your community, then Internet Marketing might be for you.

Despite all the get rich promises out there, you do need some commitment and follow through to be able to be suc
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cessful with a  home based internet marketing business.

There's often been advice out there to turn your hobby into a business. But, how many people already have a hobby as an internet marketing hobby?

Now, the thing is like a hobby, an internet business is actually fun once you get the hang of it, but it's not without challenges and setbacks, just like anything you try, like riding a bike (sometimes you fall down - what do you do then? :)

When you decide to learn how to make money online and start an internet business it's important to keep in mind that just like riding a bike, in the beginning, it's brand new, you'll lose your balance, fall down and then you get back up otherwise you might quit if things get tough. But, just like riding a bike it is incredibly fun and rewarding...

Having motivation and keeping in mind your long term vision for creating the life you desire and the freedom you'll enjoy will carry you past the barriers to long-term success.

Like any store or business, a home based internet marketing business sells products or services with the goal of making a profit. The key is to have a product that you believe in, as this makes it much easier to market and sell.

When you have something that you really believe in then the product or service becomes enjoyable to market as you are truly trying to help others appreciate the many benefits they will enjoy by purchasing your goods or services. With a home based internet marketing business, the sale of products and services can be done worldwide, instead of being limited to a geographic region, town or city. Imagine the possibilities!

Your Global Business...


Imagining the possibilities can be exciting and excitement can breed passion. One of the things people always talk about is that you need passion in order to pursue something...


Well, I've got a different take on that with this business...


Sure, be passionate about the dreams in your life that your internet marketing business can fulfill for you. It can generate financial freedom, you can learn fun new skills, meet interesting people, all sorts of good stuff...

But, there is almost always a period of time when initial passion wanes and goes away for a bit, that's when things feel sort of like "work" - and guess what... That's Ok, It'll become fun again as you learn and grow, so don't let a minor bump in the road discourage you.

People think they have to be passionate all the time to do something. Um, no you don't. You get up in the morning most times even when you don't feel like it, right?

It's great to feel passionate, you just don't feel it ALL of the time...

Anyways... Enough of my mini-rant on passion... Here's something else you need for success with your business...

Here's something else you need for success not only with your business but in your efforts to learn how to make money online...

It's important to spend time creating a plan. So as you think about your business always keep in mind that a key goal is "how to make money online" develop a plan for this. Too many well-meaning folks have had their dreams of internet riches dashed against the rocks of poor planning. Without a solid plan, it's very challenging to learn how to make money online... Keep in mind that you’re creating a business for yourself and for your future. If it's important to you it deserves a solid plan.

Change can happen quickly in the digital world. Investing some of your time participating in forums for discussion, memberships and the like to keep track of the latest news and breakthroughs in internet marketing can be very helpful. You'll find that the more you learn about the subject the more you'll want to learn. Becoming skilled and knowledgeable means committing yourself to a process of learning and growing. This will greatly accelerate your ability to create the freedom you desire in your life...

Here are a 7 internet business ideas for you to consider in starting your online business:

Many people access the internet looking for information, not to spend money
People who want to spend money online often know want they are looking for at least in a general sense
Keep this acronym in mind WIIFM - What's In It For Me. - Think about things from the perspective of your customer - if you don't have what they want, they will leave, often immediately
When not satisfied customers often look for refunds.
Every business, offline or online has problems and challenges, just like life.
Your business must do three things - Appear reliable and trustworthy AND ACTUALLY BE RELIABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY, and offer something of REAL VALUE
You need some degree of patience, persistence, and will-power to succeed in any kind of business (but don't freak out, they are learnable and with the right system you need less of them :)

There is a tremendous amount of potential to create the life you want through internet marketing and I hope that this article inspires you to walk down this path.

Here's to living your dreams...

I’ve been involved in many different forms of online marketing and there’s one system that is hands done the best way to get started in online marketing.  It offers a completely done for you business solution. To find out more and hear about my quest to find such a system click here...My journey...

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5 Steps To Achieve Success

Ask yourself these questions, "What does success mean to me?" & "What steps to achieve success do I need to take to in my life?"

It's important to spend time considering your own definition of success and not getting caught up trying to live life according to someone else's definition of success.

We get bombarded all the time by other people’s definition of success…

You know, like the ones that you see in the media all the time, on TV, or on the internet...

These 5 Steps To Achieve Success have stood the tests o
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f time and have helped many to achieve greatness in their lives. From humble beginnings, greatness can be achieved...

So, the First of Your Steps To Achieve Success is to Create Your Own Definition of Success.

Whatever your definition of success or philosophies about life that you hold, one of your primary tasks in life is to cultivate your own good fortune, often viewed as success.

So, what will you do to welcome good fortune and success into your life?

You see, success is something you both seek, meaning you take action towards it and also you welcome into your life, meaning you notice it when it occurs and you allow in as if you are a magnet for success.

Enjoying the good life...

The Second of Your Steps To Achieve Success is to Allow Success into your life. This may mean that you must change your mental conditioning and beliefs about success.

Some people believe they don't deserve good things in their life, or success. Work on changing those beliefs as part of this step.

You might define success as having a stable job in a large company where there's an opportunity for growth, owning a nice home, having the ability to travel, or having enough money to provide for your family. Or maybe your vision of success includes owning your own business or traveling the world.

Your personal vision of success most likely also include spiritual, relationship, and other life aspirations...

The Third of Your Steps to Achieve Success is to identify areas of your life you'd like to change and then notice people who have achieved what you want in those areas.

Soak up all the knowledge and expertise you can from those who live the life you dream about. Maybe it's reading books they read, watching documentaries, finding out their strategies.

If it's someone you know ask them how they do it... You'll be surprised by how many people are open to helping others to achieve success. Consider how you can apply their lessons to your life.

Maybe you need to modify their strategies. Did they model themselves after someone else? If so, who?

The Fourth of Your Steps To Achieve Success Is to Apply The Lessons you've learned from others, teachers, mentors, books, courses, your own discoveries, or other sources, to your own life…

When you need to, modify what you're doing and shift gears. In your life journey, you'll naturally change your goals a bit or add new goals. Cultivating success means you'll sometimes need to change your course of action or begin making different decisions that are in alignment with your new goals

For Step five of Your Steps To Achieve Success - Set goals for yourself and then break your goals into small actionable steps that you can accomplish every day. (modify as needed)

You can definitely achieve your goals when you engage in these strategies. It's never too late to start creating the life you desire...

So, get going and get started. Get clear about what you want. You're better able to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize when you're confident about what you seek in life.

There are plenty of methods for cultivating success out there, but this one has stood the tests of time.

Prioritize your goals for success and think about your goals each day.

It may take some time to achieve what you might, but don't give up...

Persistence is the Key - You might live in your apartment two more years before you begin shopping for your own home. Your new place will have that extra bedroom you can use as your office. When you have your own office at home, you'll be able to expand your business, which will make you more money and lead to greater financial security. For tips on starting your own internet business check out this article How to make money online by starting an internet business.
Imagine what success will feel like-- but bring it into your present, like you've already attained what you want.

As you're working on your goals here are some other strategies that are helpful...

Point out to yourself daily what you've done recently to achieve a goal.
Tell yourself you're worthy of success.

What you say to yourself every day contributes greatly to the type of life you live.

Incorporate working toward your goals into your daily life

You'll feel more actively engaged with your own path to success.

Go for it and enjoy your journey towards success, but keep mind that when setbacks happen the only thing you need to do is to get back up, just like when you fall down...Get Back UP!

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Given here 10 Proven Ways to Make Money Online by Tech Breath. Using these ways, you can earn money by working at your home.Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.techbreath.net
Proven ways to make money online...
Aren't we all interested in that? Well, at least I am...
I've been fascinated by it for years and after many ups and downs have been fortunate to have experienced success in this area...
Some people are interested in making just a little bit more money online, but not me...
I'm not going to lie... I'm interested in Proven ways to
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make money online...A lot of money online...Life Changing amounts of money online...
So, what's interesting about this article is not that some of the ideas aren't good, but that it doesn't go nearly far enough.
To make life-changing income requires a very different approach.
If you're an Amazon affiliate, for example, you need to do three things...
Look for products that are in demand to sellEnsure that the commission is decentCreate enough volume in sales to justify marketing and other costs 
Think about how difficult it is to create a level of income that is life changing selling Amazon products, despite what the Online "Gurus" would tell you...
Now, don't get me wrong, I've sold an Amazon product or two or three in my day, but it didn't change my life...
There are two keys to creating life-changing income levels and creating financial freedom...
Sell Products & Services That Are High Ticket & High CommissionSell Products That Meet Criteria Number 1 which are also high value and in demand. 
It's simple...
It's like math...
1 + 1 = 2
and in the case above
1 + 2 = Big Profits and Life Changing Income...
Here's a link to the only 1 + 2 = 3 system that I know of that will create Life Changing Income that You Could Feel Proud To Be Associated with and not have to hide in embarrassment because you're associated with a crazy "get rich quick scheme". We all know those are scams...
This is a legitimate business that happens to generate results more quickly than most...
1 + 2 = Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle
And if you want a free guide to the Top 10 Books To 10 Your Income Online then I've got one for you here...
Top 10 Books To 10X Your Income Online

thumbnail courtesy of huffingtonpost.co.uk
Supportive Relationships & Creating Your Best life...

What do you think about when you hear the expression supportive relationships? Does it conjure up the notion of the love and support of an intimate partner, good friends, work colleague, family members or business partners?

We've probably all heard the notion that we are who we hang around with, sort of like you are what you eat...

Growing up you may have been encouraged to hang around with "good" kids and stay away from "bad" kids...

And that same "princip
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le" appears to hold true throughout our lives in certain ways...

Surround yourself with positive friends, family and business partners and you can vastly improve your life...

Be surrounded by the opposite and suffer the consequences...

As many of you will know, having unsupportive relationships in your life can feel like being in the midst of a storm, constantly buffeted about by high winds and heavy rains of negative emotions and toxic words...

So, is it any surprise that having a supportive partner often encourages personal development as this article excerpt shows (the full article is worth checking out)...
Partner Power: Supportive Relationships Linked To Personal Development. Now if you want to understand yours or your partner's motives for encouraging/supporting or not encouraging/supporting one another in making decisions that lead to the other's personal development, here are some statements to consider (taken from the  Partner Power: Supportive Relationships Linked To Personal Development - HuffPost UK
Supportive partners & supportive relationships enhance our growth and development as human beings...

Imagine that... Glad to see that there is some research to support what we all likely know instinctively...

... and as this article shows being in a toxic relationship can be devastating...
"Even picture perfect relationships may hide emotional abuse which over time wears at a person's self-esteem and strength. ... supportive. We want our partners to provide strength and comfort to us and yet often, in abusive relationships, we're left ... Signs you're in a toxic relationship - Revelstoke Mountaineer"
So, if those are terrible, awful relationships, what makes up a good relationship?

Well, this article sheds some light on that...

14 Questions to Ask About the Quality of Your Relationship - Psychology Today (blog)

14 Questions to Ask About the Quality of Your Relationship - With the number of theories about relationships proposed by psychologists, not to mention poets, philosophers, and playwrights, it may seem impossible to come up with anything approaching a reasonable number. 14 Questions to Ask About the Quality of Your Relationship - Psychology Today (blog)
So, why talk about Supportive Relationships on a website about Lifestyle Design?

Well, to live a quality life filled with joy and happiness it often means that you need to do two things and they can both actually be difficult...

Surround yourself with supportive people - This seems easy on the surface, but sometimes you have to take risks to make new friends or change negative mindsets that limit your growth...
Let go of relationships that are holding you back, or buffer yourself from their effects when you can't let them go - Some people take a hard line on this one and say that you should just dump anyone in your life that is not supportive... Wow, that's pretty harsh in my view and doesn't take the complexities of life, human nature, and relationships into account, at least the way that I understand them...

Having the kind of life you want requires conscious choice and decisions. It's easy to become complacent and just coast with the normal and routine, but in order to really achieve what you want in life, you have to go for it, put effort into it, plan for it and overcome obstacles...

Along your journey consider the role that the relationships in your life play in your overall level of happiness and spend some time thinking about how you can improve your life and circumstances through the power of supportive relationships...

You might want to follow up by taking a look at this post on How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality...
Illustration file picture. (REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/Files)
Every week on my national radio show, someone calls to ask about legitimate work-at-home online jobs. There are some great opportunities, but just like a landing a real job, you need the desire to make things happen. And since these are online opportunities, you also need a decent internet connection along with a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop.
Getting started is always the hardest part. To help you, here are ways you can put extra cash in your pocket.
1. Do small jobs in your hometown
If you don't mind getting ou
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t and about, there are people ready to hire you right now.
Field Agent: Field Agent needs you to help it gather information it provides to businesses. For example, you might get hired to go to a store and take photos or shoot video of a products display. You can also earn money answering consumer surveys. You apply to be an agent, find jobs, and get paid using the Field Agent app. Expect to earn $2 to $12 per job.
TaskRabbit: Ever need a hand getting something done? TaskRabbit puts you in touch with people in your area who need immediate help. To become a "Tasker," you complete an application, have an in-person interview, and pass a background check. You also take a short quiz to prove you read the Tasker handbook. Tasks range from assembling furniture, shopping, helping with a move and planning a party to doing small repairs.
Thumbtack: If you have a particular skill, Thumbtack helps you create your own source of income. It's an online marketplace geared specifically for local professionals looking for new customers. Youll find personal trainers, makeup artists, painters, florists, roofers, pet sitters and many others using the site. Prospective customers answer a few questions detailing what they need. Through the website, you see their requirements and bid on jobs youd like to do.
2. Sell handmade crafts
Selling handmade items is a fun way to earn money online.
Etsy: Howd you like your own online store for selling your crafts? Etsy makes it easy to create a full product catalog where buyers can view and buy your items. Its free to create your shop, but Etsy charges a small fee for each item you post and takes a 3.5 percent cut of anything you sell.
Handmade at Amazon: To be considered to sell products on Handmade at Amazon, you have to apply here. Once you're accepted, there's no charge to list your products, and Amazon takes 12 percent of your sales. It's similar to Etsy, but Amazon is a much larger site, which means there's the potential to be seen by many more customers.
3. Get paid to write
If you have a way with words, look at sites that pay you to write.
WriterAccess: This service connects freelance writers with businesses that need written copy. Freelancers send their resumes to WriterAccess and complete a screening process that tests and confirms their proficiency. WriterAccess assigns a star rating to the writer so clients know exactly what they are getting, and prices are adjusted accordingly. For example, a 2-star writer will cost $0.02 per word, whereas a 6-star writer will cost anywhere from $0.10 to $2.00 per word.
ListVerse: Look online and youll see a slew of articles that start with the number 10. If you can put together 10 fun facts about things, this is for you. ListVerse will pay you for a well written list of any kind. Looking at their site, subjects range from 10 Paranormal Events Witnessed by the Police to 10 Strange 20th Century Ruins. ListVerse pays you $100 for any article it publishes, provided its more than 1,500 words and, of course, isnt plagiarized.
Write and sell eBooks: You don't need to write a novel. It could be something as simple as 20 dynamite recipes. Whatever your topic, no matter how big or small, there's most likely an audience. Click here to learn how to write and sell your own eBook.
Bonus: Make and share videos
The next time you catch a once-in-a-lifetime moment or a silly event on camera, share the video online. You might just get lucky and have it go viral. Of course, it doesn't happen for everyone. But you can still earn money by sharing videos on social media.
YouTube: Whether its a short clip of your pet or a fully produced product review, you can make money with it on YouTube and you dont need a television studio to create it. Click here to listen to my free podcast for a detailed breakdown on how to make money on YouTube.
Amazon Video Direct: While everyone knows about YouTube, Amazon Video Direct is almost a secret. Here, you can post videos for free, and anyone around the world can watch them. If your video is free to the public, Amazon Video Direct will keep 45 percent of the advertising revenue it generates. If you make a video thats available for rent or subscription, Amazon will keep 50 percent of advertising revenue. For videos that only Amazon Prime members can watch, Amazon will pay you $0.15 for each hour that someone streams them.
Copyright 2016, WestStar Multimedia Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Kim Komando hosts the nations largest weekend radio talk show as she takes calls and dispenses advice on todays digital lifestyle. Visit Komando.com for free podcasts, videos, product reviews, shows, tips and advice.

Read more: www.foxnews.com

Twitter is out with the old design, and in with the new -- and people are having a difficult time adjusting to the change!
Taking to( you guessed it) Twitter on Thursday, users voiced their shocked reactions to the latest, more rounded user interface!
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Ch-ch-check out the best answers( below )!
This new Twitter ... pic.twitter.com/ gWvXupKePs
BEYONC LEGION (@ Bey_Legion) June 15, 2017
Casually browsing twitter, I refresh the page and then my Twitter UI abruptly entirely changes .. Oh. Thanks? pic.twit
Read More
ter.com/ 3CPSKagcIk
BeeStee (@ TheBeeStee) June 15, 2017
what is this, a twitter UI for newborns? with round edges so we don't hurt ourselves?
adriennnnnnnnnnnnnne (@ insertdisc5) June 15, 2017
The New Twitter UI looking like pic.twitter.com /O8 PK6puJuN
Silver Brain (@ Brainyfy) June 15, 2017
Re: New twitter UI pic.twitter.com/ LBRqkX1ANv
Kooki (@ Kooki_Q) June 15, 2017
I get on Twitter to escape from Insta, Snapchat, and FB. And now Twitter UI seems precisely like Insta, Snapchat and FB .... #notupdating pic.twitter.com/ qiyXeutSxZ
j (@ jrealfweet) June 15, 2017
what is all this round shit, twitter? why?
Lauren Cowart (@ laurencowart) June 15, 2017
Me looking at this new Twitter UI like pic.twitter.com/ TIgXyyTkIa
zoom zoom1 03 (@ Zoomzoom1 03) June 15, 2017
Twitter: okay guys, what do you want?
We: An EDIT Button
Twitter: What? a new Twitter UI
We: No .. No .. "EDIT" button
Twitter: New UI. It is
make money online (@ workfromhc) June 15, 2017
old twitter vs new twitter pic.twitter.com/ Ct4JC3UM5o
Ellie Sunakawa (@ elliesunakawa) June 15, 2017
Twitter's new update. pic.twitter.com/ JLQLAjOX3d
Mecha Richter (@ mecharichter) June 15, 2017
Finally, Twitter did something about Nazis and took away the thing they love most: right angles.
Nick Ross (@ NickBossRoss) June 15, 2017
"Dear @Twitter, we need better controls on the abuse and the spam and the troll behavior so if you could"
"ROUND AVATARS, "Theyre saying"? DONE."
Chuck Wendig (@ ChuckWendig) June 15, 2017
When you wake up with a round AVI on twitter. pic.twitter.com/ Z4MSbA7Qlj
Matthew A. Cherry (@ MatthewACherry) June 15, 2017
Lolol. Y'all are too funny.
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One of the constant struggles for full-time college students is finding enough money to have a little fun on the weekends.
While the common response from parents and people who are far removed from the college lifestyle is something along the lines of Get a job, the truth is, schedules dont always allow for that.
Between 15 and 20 hours of class, another 10 to 15 hours of homework, reading and studying and other personal obligations, theres very little time left to secure a steady, consistent job.
Picking up five or six hours of work at a local business may sound ideal, but most managers ar
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ent interested in hiring someone with little time and flexibility.
The good news is, you dont have to find a traditional job to earn a little spending money for the weekend.
We live in an internet-based economy that gives anyone with a little creativity the opportunity to thrive. What are you waiting for?
If you tuned into ESPNs College GameDay show on Saturday, September 10, you probably noticed a simple white sign with black lettering that read, Hi Mom! Send Beer Money, with the students Venmo ID scripted at the bottom. Funny, right?
Well, Sam Crowder (the man holding the sign) is still laughing.
After the sign got some repeated airtime throughout the three-hour live show, Crowder began to see some money trickle in a dollar here, five dollars there and even some larger donations.
By the time it was all said and done, more than 3,000 people contributed to his beer fund.
While people will no doubt try to replicate Crowders success in the coming weeks, were not suggesting you do the same. This was a one-time deal that will quickly fizzle out.
However, were mentioning this story to remind you there are infinite ways to make money online.
Youre probably not going to buy a house with an internet side hustle, but some consistent beer money is certainly a possibility.
Here are five side hustlesany college student can do to collect a little extra cash:
1. Sell old textbooks.
If youre hanging on to old textbooks, giving them to friends or throwing them away at the end of the semester, then youre missing out on a big opportunity to score a little cash.
As you know, textbooks are expensive. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on books each semester, but you can also get a hefty percentage back by reselling them.
While your school probably offers a buyback program at the campus bookstore, you arent going to get much money there.
Your best bet is to use Amazon. They have anonline buyback tool that lets you enter the ISBN, print shipping labels and mail books in.
Depending on the books you have, you could make a couple hundred dollars. Not bad!
2. Start a blog.
While you can get a quick burst of cash from selling textbooks, this is something you can only do once a semester. If you want steady cash flow, youll need to set up a long-term strategy.
Itll take a lot of work, but launching a blog can be exactly what youre looking for.
As leading internet marketer Neil Patel says, A blog can serve as the foundation for just about anything you want a personal brand, an enterprise level business, a multi-million dollar content provider or a startup.
Best of all, you can continue to grow your blog over the years and it may even turn into a full-time job after graduation.
3. Monetize a skill.
The gig economy is in full swing, and there are tons of different sites that allow individuals to monetize different skills. Some of the top micro-selling platforms include Etsy, Fiverr and Upwork.
On these sites, all you have to do is set up a profile and start marketing your value offering. Common services include photography, web design, writing, SEO, handcrafted goods, video production and more.
The great thing about using these sites is you can set your rates and accept or decline work as you please. Theres a lot of competition in most niches, but with a little effort and a willingness to work your way up, you can stand out.
4. Sell shoelaces.
This may sound totally random, but billionaire Mark Cuban swears that any student can make more than minimum wage by selling shoelaces.
I guarantee you that if you go to the parking lot of any high school or college football game with a bunch of shoelaces in team colors that you bought for two bucks a pop, and put up a sign and two chairs, you can make money,Cuban writes on his blog.
He continues, Go to wherever there are people in your community. Flea Market. Basketball Game. Dance recital. Wherever people who go to your school show up, you show up.
5. Find campus rep opportunities.
Heres perhaps the easiest and most effortless strategy of all: Find online clothing companies with Millennial customers and ask them aboutcampus representative opportunities.
A campus rep is simply someone who wears branded clothing around campus and vouches for the company. The brand sends you free apparel, you wear it and everyone is happy.
While free clothing may be the only thing you get, some may offer you a monthly stipend. Better yet, if you establish a solid reputation with the company, a job might be waiting for you after graduation.
The life of a college student is fun, but its also very busy.
Between classroom time, homework, group projects, personal obligations and getting a few hours of shut-eye at night, there isnt much left over for a formal job.
Thankfully, though, the internet makes side hustling convenient and easier than ever before.
Give some of these suggestions a try, and see if you can put a little change in your pockets.
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