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international today we are going to discover some great rhythms.
they are naturally harder than the rhythms you discovered in the previous episode yet more fun.
so let'' s begin with the very first Rhythm incidentally yeah that as well so in the very first Rhythm I desire you. to play Four hi-hat symbols alone one two three 4 alright while counting obviously on 3 play.
with your left hand on the snare drum one 2 3 four currently for the bass drum the bass.
drum will certainly interpose the very first and the second hit I'' m gon na show you how one two three four so.
one tw
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o 3 four again one two 3 4 slower one two 3 four one two 3 4.
yet what'' s gon na adjustment is the bass drum so we ' re playing the bass drum now in between the second. and also the 3rd hit or matter as opposed to very first as well as 2nd so it will certainly be one two three four.
like this I'' m gon na play it a bit slower one two three 4 again one two three four. again one two 3 four with the metronome beginning with what sixty sixty. three 4 one 2 three 4 one twenty one 2 3 4 one 2 three 4 foreign foreign relocating to the 3rd Rhythm and. the 3rd Rhythm we are mosting likely to play the bass in between the 3rd and the fourth. count one 2 3 four playing the bass between the 3rd as well as fourth count one two. three four one 2 three 4 slower one two 2 3 four okay one 2 3 4.
now with the metronome starting with 60 bpm one 2 3 four one two three four one two.
three four one 2 three four one 2 three 4 thanks best what currently Perhaps 1 20 okay 120 BPM one 2 3 4 one two.
3 4 one two 3 four foreign many thanks alright wonderful one as well as I'' ve been.
examined so many thanks to Cedric now relocating to the 4th Rhythm as well as the 4th.
one we played the kick in between the 4th as well as the very first hit so one 2 3 four one two 3 4.
one two 3 four one 2 3 4 slower one two three four one two 3 4 alright.
with the metronome now starting with 6 GBP let'' s do it three four.
one 2 3 4 one 2 three and also 4 and also one as well as two and and four.
and also one 2 three four one 2 3 four one let'' s play now on 120 BPM one 2 3 4 one 2 one 2. 3 4 one two 3 4 one two one two three 4 foreign fine relocating to the fifth Rhythm and the. fifth Rhythm we are going to play two kick strikes the very first one will be in between the.
first as well as second matter the 2nd one will will take area in between the 2nd as well as.
third count I'' m gon na show you exactly how one two thr
(vibrant songs) (singer humming) (vocalists vocalizing) I got a confession I wear'' t believe I want you anymore There'' s no area for questions There ' s no area for inquiries I saw her panties on the
restroom floor, oh, oh Been enduring
I see it as a true blessing Come take your crap '' cause.
you can go stay at hers I wish that she was.
worth my lost time Yet could she do it like I do You need someone to.
put you back in line So you gon' ' see what I'' ll do I ' ma put your crap in a cardboard box Changing
my number as well as. I &
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#039; m changing the locks When you can'' t get
in,. recognize your heart' gon ' quit You may be crying, yet child, I'' m not I ' ma put your crap in a cardboard box Transforming my number and.
I'' m altering the locks Never ever liked your mother,.
so I presume she'' s blocked You may be crying, however young boy, I'' m not Hey, yeah So I'' ma place your pants next off.
to the desires that you sold me Fate'' s a B, yeah, as well as she gon ' show Ah, ah, ah, ah I ' ma place your gold chains.
down the tubes as well as your Rolly Might simply go down a message to your homies I'' ma place your crap in a cardboard box Altering my number as well as.
I'' m altering the locks When you can'' t enter,
. recognize your heart gon' ' stop Child, you may be sobbing,.
but child, I'' m not I ' ma place your shit in a cardboard box Transforming my number and also.
I'' m changing the locks Never ever liked your mom So I think she'' s obstructed You might be weeping, but kid, I'' m not Young boy, I'' m not Young boy, I'' m not You might be crying, but young boy, I'' m not.

I see it as a blessing Come take your crap '' cause.
I ' m altering the locks When you can'' t obtain

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A dance born on the continent of Africa and this is why Africans are the greatest dancers the world has ever seen Yes I know some of you may not agree but watch the end of this video and I will show you why Africans are the greatest dancers why we have the best dances and why we are so unique and different from most people the world because every african dance tells a story and means something to go back to the video african dance is a lot of things and has been described in many different ways it may be an energetic visual art it is entertaining but above all african dances are educational d
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id you know that african culture african education was often It is transmitted through dance and music and it was in such a way that the older generation could pass on to the next generation stories about the events that took place .
And we will see how it happens in many different scenarios in the life of a typical African so if you are not African then sit back relax and enjoy this but I can assure you if you are an African then I am sure we will talk about something that will give you some real good memories because you will be able to relate to A lot of the things that I'm going to go talk about in this video so when we dance we dance all the typical African situation has a dance for each situation so we have different dances that we celebrate different milestones in the life cycle and then there are marriages there .
Dancing for marriage and again if you are a fan of African movies .
Many, many of these people in Africa see movies where people get married and there are these beautiful dances .
Dresses and all that and of course when people die we have dances of death and I'm sure you'll remember those famous Ghanaian undertakers yeah they got kind of famous in 2020 when the dances went viral and yeah those dances happen at an actual funeral and there are people in the caskets that they're going to get burial so I know through the embarrassment some of you bought into those cultures it's a beautiful thing they do it 's your way of showing respect for the dead because in Africa we don't die we multiply and so when someone outgrows to join the ancestors we don't consider them dead we just think they moved on and will come back because on this continent reincarnation is a thing When people protest, especially black people, a very typical story would be the glue of dancing shoes coming from South Africa.

Now in a black mine, South Africa is a delicacy. Workers w
- I wish I could
get into the frame a little bit better for scale. Here, let's see if I step down
off the vehicle like this. (dramatic music) - Okay, come
back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back. (animal growling) (dramatic music) - Deep in the wilds
of South Africa, the brave wilderness crew and
I are embarking upon
the adventure of a lifetime, as we track one of
Kariega Game Reserve's most iconic animals: the
African Elephant. After off-roading high up
into the mountainous terrain, we came upon a small
herd of rogue bulls, and had a heart-racing
encounter. - Y
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ou stay, big boy, you stay. - Not only
did I go face to face with a young, confident
challenger, but we soon found ourselves smack in the
middle of an elephant battle. The heart-racing scene
that played out before us was one of the most
incredible moments we have ever captured on camera.

- Sweet. - Yet,
little did we know, there was still one
more twist to this tale. The Kariega Game Reserve
is a world-renowned wildlife sanctuary that
spans over 10,000 hectares. And aside from its roaming pride
of lions, the next greatest animal you can encounter
are its elephants. One in specific, known
as the Big Tusker, is an icon in his own right. Weighing an estimated six tons, you would probably think
that this massive land giant would be rather simple to spot. Yet his elusive nature keeps
him incredible well-hidden. We thought that the Big Tusker
had completely eluded us, yet just when we were ready to
call it a day, he mysteriously materialized from the
shadows of the underbrush. - Guys, we have
found the Big Tusker. He's right here off
the side of the road.

This is him right here,
look at him coming out. Wow, look at the size
of that elephant! If you thought the elephants
we saw earlier were big, they don't even
compare to this giant. Look at him coming right
toward the vehicle. - Look
at those tusks. - Look at that, you can
see he's covered in mud, notice on the dark coloration, and some of that
mud is still wet. They'll do that to help
keep themselves cool, regulating their
body temperature. Look at him, just feasting
away on those trees, you can see him using the
trunk to just pull off clumps and shove
them into his mouth. You just have to
sit back and absorb how intimidating the
size of that animal is. That was cool to see the
three sub-adults up there in the underbrush
fighting, but this, oh man, it doesn't get any bigger
than the Big Tusker. Okay, he's coming a
little bit
Okay. Good morning, Okay. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This gentlemen. This is A. P gentlemen. This is A. gentlemen. This is A. Pierre gentlemen. This is A. Pierre gentlemen. This is A. Pierre Ventur Ventur Venturi. You science Venturi Venturi, you science counselor to the African Union to the African Union. Union with Union Union who is welcoming Union who is welcoming you Union who is welcoming you to Union who is welcoming you to Union who is welcoming you to to the this to to this event. This to this event to this event. This event that is This event that is organized. This event th
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at is This event that is organized This event that is organized This event that is organized by This event that is organized by y the A. European y the A. European Commission. y the A. European y the A. European Commission Director, General Research, and director director. General General research and innovation. They They you, They They you delegation, took They you They you delegation to Kenya. They you delegation to They you delegation to Kenya, a, the EU a, the EU delegation to the a, the EU delegation to the a, the EU delegation to the African Union and the African Union and the African Union and the platform African Union and the African Union and the platform, atform ever access atform ever access Africa ever access Africa? Why Why we are organizing Why we are Why we are organizing this Why we are organizing this event because because in because in December the the European the European Commission the European Commission the European Commission the European Commission the European Commission published the work program 2 published the work program 2 published the work program 2 published the work program 2 published the work program 2 published the work program 2 published the work program 2 published the work program 2 published the work program 2 ,02324 of ,02324 of ,02324 of horizon ,02324 of horizon Europe.

This ,02324 of horizon Europe 02324 of horizon Europe. This is the This is the This is the research in This is the research in This is the research in innovation program of innovation program innovation program off of the ram of the European Commission. ram of the European ram of the European Commission that is that is offering huge that is offering huge that is offering huge that is offering huge that is offering huge opportunities for participation of on of African on of African on of African on of African partner of African partner. This is true. Ap
- If you've ever wanted
to try African food but didn't wanna mess with
any unknown ingredients, you have to try this
West African peanut soup. Hey everyone, it's Yumna
from Feel Good Foodie. And I was actually born
and raised in Africa, and this peanut soup,
also known as granat soup, is one that I was raised having, and my mom perfected it from making it for years and years and years. You're gonna be so surprised at how basic the ingredients are, and I bet you already
have them in your pantry. But the result is a creamy,
fragrant, spicy peanut soup that will take your tast
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e buds on a fabulous trip to West Africa. All right, so let's get cooking, because all of this is
already smelling so good. We're gonna start by cooking two onions.

And to the onions, we're
gonna add one thumb ginger. And I like to grate the ginger, just so the flavor is not too powerful. And if you don't have any fresh ginger, feel free to use ground ginger. Now, in Africa, we spoke the local
language there called Krio, and granat is basically broken English for the word groundnut, because what you usually do is you ground the nuts
to use in this recipe. We like to make a shortcut here and just use peanut butter
instead of ground nuts. So we want to cook the onions until they're translucent and golden, just like that. And now we'll add about
three ounces of tomato paste. So I just use a six-ounce container, and I'll add to it about
half of that container right into the pot. And I'll mix the tomato
paste with the onions until they're nice and coated.

And I wouldn't recommend using tomatoes in place of tomato paste, because you want that tomato paste to provide the thickness for the sauce to make this peanut soup. I have here one large sweet potato that I peeled and chopped. I'm putting it right into the pot. For seasoning, I'm adding
some salt, black pepper, and even a little bit of cayenne pepper. The pepper is a very
important part of the recipe, so adding some fresh chili peppers is also a really good idea in here. I like to keep it tame for my kids. It's just a little bit of cayenne pepper, so it's nice and subtle, but it gives it a nice, spicy flavor. Now that everything's mixed together, I'm going to add six cups of vegetable broth or chicken broth.

I'm using some homemade chicken broth that I made with just some
veggie scraps and chicken. We want to bring the mixture to a boil. And as soon as we have a nice boil, simmer for 20 minutes with the lid on. All right, time
foreign for him is it your money he said you 
want more meat so give him more meat   stop frustrating him give me whatever he wants 
I've told you this thing before fix thank you poison ivy I ordered four can you limits which means now meets the 
gas what is going on here Ken what are you doing you brought her to 
come eat with me on the same table as what Stella there's nothing bad in Dutch no everything 
is bad with its can everything is bad what is all   you know that you brought her into this 
house I allowed that but to bring her
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to   come eat on the same table with me 
is totally unacceptable a daughter   of a mad woman it is insulting 
I can't take this Dad she stinks she has taken her path I'll just change her 
clothes you're already in those things here is   your character and attitude that's what stinks she 
has changed her clothes into the clothes that my   son has already dumped yes I don't have a problem 
with it because I know that my son will never wear   those clothes again but bringing her here to come 
sit with me is very insulting I can't take that   how far you can still are you being too hard on 
this child I am being too harsh on this child   yes you are how how how bringing the daughter of 
a mad woman to come sit with me how I can't take   that now it's insulting please you know let's go 
let's go to the room bring our food over here okay when I cry I see no help no one to console me my word is dark my word is 
darling my future is hazy Lord send me a savior   and a place to call my own I'm really sorry the way they talk to you there's no welcome there because I want to go back where are you going to of my life I've been on the street with 
my mother I want to go back this and that   is where my face is it should be heartless 
of me too to let you go back to the streets   oh yeah yeah you have a home here okay I will 
not allow you to revisit that environment info   never hits me they don't let me 
here I don't want me to go back probably they only see you 
as a stranger that's it now you need to eat now no one's great get malnourished what's that it is it this is the befalls those 
that don't eat so you need to eat okay so tomorrow   go to the mall I'll get some nice clothes 
and shoes I promise you'll love them foreign

african instruments
(Drumming) Hi, this is a remake of a video I made about 5 years back. It'' s a djembe lesson As well as we ' re simply mosting likely to discover a technique that I such as to utilize. So the technique focuses on fast rolls utilizing the fingers. So I like to consider it as something like the double-stroke basic Playing * right, right, left, left, right, right, left, left * continuously So to do this ... It requires a rotation in between
fingers which goes a little bit such as this (Drumming) So when we speed it up, we obtain this sort of effect ... so takes a long time to estab
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lish And you need to start rather slowly. But as soon as you speed it up it comes to be fairly an
effective tool for playing the djembe or any various other hand-percussion for that
issue Here'' s a little presentation of what i like
to do with the technique (Drumming).

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